The Keys to Abundance

The Keys to Abundance

“When we unify, we are embracing the fullness of the present moment. Ironically, when we start to experience this inner completion and no longer feel previous desires, we start to create what we have always wanted in our lives. Our surroundings begin to mirror our inner fulfillment, and everything flows toward us in abundance – loving relationships, material wealth, career opportunities, better health. Every area of life grows and matures as our experience of union expands.”
Isha from a recent newsletter

It is curious that this can take a form we don’t expect as our real wants have sometimes been masked by should’s and musts. As Adyashanti observes, there can also be some karma that shows up to resolve when we create that open space. Another way to put this is some clearing or releasing. Something to resolve.

It’s quite normal for various things to shift and move in unexpected ways as the ground changes and the fog clears. Work, relationships, routine… There can be times of dispassion, enhanced separation, intense dreams, weird sleep, and emotions without reason. All of this is temporary. It is transitional, the departure of the old.

If the shadow does seem to be creating extra weight, be sure to maintain your inner connection and do things that bring you fun. Some yoga asanas or exercise can also help to smooth the way.

And soon the clearing and allowing will dawn a new life, from the ashes of the old.

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