The End of Illusion

The End of Illusion

I have written here about the dream or Maya, the illusion of the world we wake up from on the journey home. With first awakening, we wake from the dream of being an individual. Then the dream of the universe. Then the dream of God. With the waking from the third dream, we have that aha, the second awakening, and can now step into Unity.

The Maya shifts from being a mask or cover to being a ladder of knowledge. The way home. But still, it remains the dream. The world remains an illusion.

After some time and possible further clearing in Unity, there is another layer that unfolds. One begins to see the world looking back. Awareness aware of Itself is literally seen in the world. Not simply a sense of Self surrounding us. We look out and see the world is looking back. The walls, the road, the sky. And I am That. As the observer and observed are one and the same, they collapse together. All This is That.

The dream is found real. The world is found to be nothing but that silence, moving within itself.
What was real had been found to be illusion. What is illusion is then found to be real again, but a different real than when the journey began. More real, if we could say that.

Reality alone remains. This is the end of illusion.

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  1. The reality I see now is much more peaceful but richer in essence. Initially, it was one more of emptiness and it took me a long time for the veil to part somewhat and the unfolding to happen. I doubt it is the end of the illusion for me yet for there is still greyness and incomplete clarity.

  2. Davidya

    Hi Evelyn
    Thanks for your open sharing. Yes, for most of us, it is a gradual process of increasing depth and clarity. What is does not change but our ability to perceive it becomes clearer. Many people at first find an emptiness to the silence, then a growing sense of fullness. The fullness then becomes an ongoing inner happiness, unfazed by anything of the world.

    First waking is waking from the illusion of being an individual, when we switch from experiencing the silence to being that, experiencing the person. Further along, the idea of a person even being there dies and with it what I’ve called awakening from God’s dream, the illusion of the world, God, and any other concepts we may carry. All through this process, there can be a sense of the world as an illusion.

    When the sense of Unity deepens, then observer and observed merge into awareness and what has seemed illusion is now found to be real. It is a very curious process.

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