You can Fly

You can Fly

Isha is an Australian woman who teaches out of Uruguay in South America. She is releasing a new book next month in North America, “Why Walk When You Can Fly”. She will be touring various sites in North America in November.

My “church”, the Dynamic Centre is doing a series on the book, covering the 4 facets of the Diamond Portal. The ministers have been using the facets for several months and are quite effusive about the results. They are not unlike the way Louise Hay talks about using affirmations to affirm what is. But these affirm deeper values of love, perfection, and unity. They also share qualities with the practice of Patanjali’s samyama from the Yoga Sutras.

You can sign up for a free introductory 5 lesson email series from Isha’s here. (NOTE- the site is multilingual. You may need to change the language to English in the top right)

Isha uses YouTube a lot, so you can also browse her videos there. But you may find a background series like the above will give you a better idea.

The Isha System itself has seven components:
1. The Facets of the Diamond Portal
2. Focusing on Love-Consciousness
3. Feeling your emotions
4. Physical exercise
5. Drinking water
6. Being real and completely human
7. Always speaking your truth

“What this system proposes is the opportunity to experience unconditional love of self. To experience heaven on earth, surrendered in every moment and flowing with the changes of the universe. To live in the here and now, embracing the abundance, the beauty and the magic of life. To perceive the perfection of your creation, and enjoy its duality. As you change your perception, you will find that this human experience can become the most exciting, wonderful, inspiring, enlightening game that has ever existed.”
— Isha

“The facets themselves are profound expressions of unconditional love. They bring our attention away from the concerns and preoccupations of the intellect, anchoring our awareness in the silent depths of our being. Established in this internal experience, we begin to live life from the heart. When this happens, everything changes, from the inside out.”
— Isha

“United in love-consciousness, we meld as one, coming back to the experience of pure, unconditional love in everything – within the contrasts of duality, within the illusion of separation.”
— from the Intro series

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  1. Davidya

    I could list the 4 Facets but they also require the technique and some background is also useful.
    You can learn them properly from her book. They have also been teaching them at the Dynamic Centre with talks available via CD.

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