Isha, the Movie

Isha, the Movie

Being a fan of spirituality and film, I’m always interested in new films in the genre, even if a bit lame. One that looks to be anything but lame is the upcoming film, “Why Walk When You Can Fly, the movie“.

Based on the book released by Isha last year, it’s a film version where she teaches the “4 facets of the Diamond Portal”, basically a simple process for awakening love consciousness and from there, unity.

The film blends Isha’s history with horses, her Aussie accent, the spectacular scenery of her home in Uruguay, and stories and parables she tells of the journey of transformation. If you take what I’ve seen of her music videos (yes, she’s not a standard teacher), her live presentation, the simple profundity of her book, and the scenery you see in the Trailer below, it promises to be quite the flick.

It is a message of freedom, wrapped in beauty, the book brought to larger than life.

(If you have high speed, click the HQ button for the best quality)

“…happiness and world peace are the responsibility of each individual.”

“What if you were unlimited?” “We are not our thoughts. We are not out fears. We are not our emotions. We are so much more.”

“Just when you think it couldn’t get any better, that love moves into everything.”

Looking forward to this one. Release date: May 1.

Her site and more info
The Isha System blog – latest news

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  1. Very nice. I think you’ve written about Isha before; it sounds like she has new energy and a shift.

    I just watched the movie “Powder”; it’s a beautiful movie about awakening; not sure how I missed it before.

  2. Davidya

    Hi Kaushik
    Yes, I met Isha when she came through town. Her background in horses and music makes for a more dynamic presence than many teachers. How often do you see a guru in leather pants? (laughs) And I always look for depth, that they teach unity, not simple awakening. Isha has about 40 teachers in S. America and a few are in Unity now. I spoke with one that was traveling with her. I’ve also found the facets surprisingly powerful.

    I’ve heard of Powder – thanks for the reminder.

  3. Davidya

    Hi Ariel
    I first ran into Isha awhile back but all that was available here was her web site. You had to go to S. America to learn her system. Then, to my surprise, my ‘church’ did a series on the Isha System. Turns out they had an advance copy of the book. In the fall, she released a book teaching the facets. I describe the rest of the system per her web site but the facets require a bit more than a blog post can cover. Simple, but some background is good.

    The movie sounds like it will teach the facets in a very visual way. (laughs) I’ve heard she’s coming up to Canada’s west coast this summer to do a retreat. She likes scenic locations. 😉

    Very much about heart.

  4. Davidya

    If you’re an Isha fan, you’ll want to know about this. On May 1, it’s her birthday and she’s doing her first global video conference satsang (free) from Santiago, Chile. She’ll be answering questions about consciousness and announcing the launch of her movie. The flick can then be “rented” online or a DVD purchased. (you can prepurchase the film now)

    They’re asking that participants Unify for an hour before the event. (use the facets)

    The mailing mentions the event as 12pm EST. We’re on daylight time so I’ve asked them to clarify.

    The conference is at:

    (you may need to change the language to English in the top right)

  5. Davidya

    Minor issue – if you click the above link and it defaults to Spanish, then you change it to English, it may dump you on the home page with no link back. Click the link again and you should now get the Conference page in English.

  6. Davidya

    Made a few notes – it was mostly Q&A. These may be a bit paraphrased.

    To live without fear is easy, it’s a choice.
    Love is a choice.
    I surrender, and I trust, and I let go, and I say yes.

    What is it you’re really addicted to? Being hard on yourself.
    If I attach, let go. Don’t judge.

    The greatest minds cannot see God, cannot see perfection. Perfection is beyond duality.

    If I sit in judgment, I’m separating myself from love. I’m making it wrong.

    Love is eternal. Only this moment is real, not some date.
    If there is a leap in consciousness, everyone leaps.

    Any problem, into the love. Until it becomes so big, it absorbs everything.

    These expectations, they don’t come from society, they come from your head.
    How does perfection look? Like you.

    Love creates me in my perfection. Maybe there’s nothing wrong.

    Don’t like it? Let it go.

    The intellect is the servant of the love.

    The thing you think of as your greatest problem is your greatest gift. An invitation. To see the love, to feel the love, to be the love.

    There is no such thing as a victim. The human experience is not real. It’s just an experience.

    I am responsible for my happiness, my peace in each moment. That is my responsibility. Be the best I can be. Life is what I give. That is my responsibility, to myself.

    I am what I choose.

    How long does it take? She took 11 months, always coming back to love. But now it’s faster. And getting faster.

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