The 2 Causalities

The 2 Causalities

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As I have touched on in other posts, there is as if 2 realities underway concurrently. What we might call the dream and the actual.

The dream is in a series of layers, well internally self-referenced. It has apparent causality, a long past and expected future, a complex multi-dimensional space, known laws of nature, and can be studied and developed. The trick is, there are some gaping holes in the logic leading to some curious holes in scientific endeavor. That’s because its a dream. A dream of billions of souls. So it’s very complete, but not complete. We call the dream Maya, the illusion. Also we call it the world.

Much as we may study spiritual texts about the nature of the world, it is always a surprise to uncover the dream as the mind cannot really grasp what it has not experienced. But almost the entirety of what so many people call their “life” is just a story. A grand stage event for our mutual entertainment.

Trouble is, along the way we forgot it was a stage and got too caught up in our role. Like an undercover agent going in too deep.

But one day, the push of evolution reaches a place where we begin to ‘wake up’ from the dream. As I have observed elsewhere, the waking is a process, a series of wakings. And to our surprise, the whole causality begins to collapse when the underpinnings of belief are released.

Soon is revealed the deeper causality, the causality without holes, the simple way of what is. And in that we find freedom and peace.


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  1. Shadowduck

    “The trick is, there are some gaping holes in the logic leading to some curious holes in scientific endeavor.”

    If you ahve the opportunity to expand on that at some point, I’d be interested to read what you have to say. I know of gaps in knowledge, but nothing that quite matches your description!

  2. Davidya

    Yes, gaps in knowledge, so theories are developed to kind of cover over the gaps. Sometimes, they are sensible extrapolations from what is known. But sometimes further theories are built on those prior gap covering theories until one has developed a house of cards. Its not just science that does this, its the nature of the human ego to have to have an explanation for everything. The average person simply does it more poorly than in peer reviewed work.

    The example that comes to mind is a few things I’ve read recently in archeology. Some fascinating research and discoveries. But then they extrapolate like crazy, deriving a lifestyle from a jawbone. The extrapolations are often based on built in assumptions that are considered “conventional wisdom” so are rarely questioned. Recent discoveries of a bit of dinosaur skin revealed that all the images we’ve seen are probably wrong, for example.

    When you consider how much of our reality is about consciousness, the mind and feelings, you begin to get an idea of how little science understands the bigger picture. Thats not to say its not valuable, just that it is only beginning.

  3. Davidya

    Further, the point about the post is that science is not even studying the actual causality. They are studying the mechanics of a dream, not realizing it is one. Just like a dream in sleep, its not apprent you are in a dream until you wake up from it. Thats why they call it awakening.

    Consider quantum mechanics. In what way does that seem to be the mechanics of a physically based world? They are coming to the fridges of the dream and finding it takes place in consciousness.

    Many quite well known scientists speak about this. Indeed, many believe in God but as they are on an intellectually oriented path, they would typically look to an “impersonal” style of God.

  4. Shadowduck

    Quantum mechanics can be odd, though it was string theory that finally pushed me to the “You must be joking!” point… Then I gave up reading about theoretical physics. 🙂

    Still not sure I’d call these things gaping holes, but there is a shaky nature to some science. In every past age, there has been a few widely believed scientific “facts” which are now totally discredited – it’d be a surprise if we were living in the first age of science that wasn’t labouring under a delusion or two! Unfortunately though, the limitations of science don’t prove anything about the true nature of reality so I’m not really sure they’re relevant.

  5. Davidya

    Yes, Quantum mechanics is rather going down a rabbit hole, getting into finer and finer detail rather than a broader perspective. I suspect they could go down that hole indefinitely.

    I consider it a gaping hole when the majority of our experience of the world is not covered by science. And as you observe, what science does know is subject to changes in perception and new information. So yes, a delusion or 2. 😉 Science is, in a sense, the religion of our current age. The dominant belief system. Its limitations point to the holes in the dream causality. If you can understand that, we can open to the idea of a deeper causality and begin to see it at play, beneath, over and throughout the dream.

    If you already accept that there is a deeper causality, then there is nothing to prove here and issues with science is not relevant to that.

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