whats Becoming

whats Becoming

Over on The Decentralized Ego, Shadowduck asked “You mention this idea of “fields” from time to time and I can see how it’s comparable to the idea of auras. I’m interested to know what makes you so sure of this interpretation of the way things are, rather than any of the many others?”

Over in Deepest Being, I briefly run through the stages of becoming but skim over the later stages for want of space. It takes quite a bit to explain it in detail. I’ll go into it a little more shortly.

Firstly, I would say that part of the difference between what I’m saying and others is one of semantics. I have chosen to use certain terms over other words as I feel they describe it better. I often refer to how others use words, like Eckhart’s pain body or some Vedic term like Tapas. I have found that different words for the same thing can allow deeper understanding as we make connections. Indeed, a new understanding of a common word heard freshly was key for one of my openings.

Another aspect is that I go from the ground up. I try to ensure the understanding matches the most fundamental values of existence as everything is a mirror of that. I have been lucky enough to connect with several very awake teachers who’s understanding is very deep, not just some intellectual position. Indeed, mind becomes useless in learning some things.

The deeper we go, the more it explains the world. All of it. The challenge is in communicating that.

Its useful to observe that only physical things can be known or inferred with the physical senses whereas everything is within awareness, so everything except that which awareness arises from can be known in awareness. As the senses of perception arise within consciousness, consciousness is not limited to perceiving with the organs. We see perfectly well in our dreams, for example.

Just as it’s difficult to get a good idea of the overall structure of a house from inside the house, so too with the world. If you are able to step outside of the world in which we typically “live”, then you can see it for what it is. And you can.

For me, what I write about is my observations. Certainly this is my interpretation of what I perceive but I compare notes with more illustrious souls that confirm it. I also recognize I am growing and changing, so fully expect the understanding to evolve with that. Indeed, its no longer even “I” that knows this.

As I said in comments, I don’t expect you to take anything here on faith. Its certainly not absolute to me. I would describe it as musings on my journey. But I would not describe it as theoretical. Its not a bunch of philosophical positioning. Figuring out the world intellectually is way too much work. (laughs) Indeed, much of this stuff simply flows out.

Basically the later stages work like this. Within the Universe mind field (I touch on in Deepest being above), there is a field of infinite possibility vibrating with potential. The virtual fluctuations of the vacuum state. AUM. With intention, this is focused and a specific sound arises. This triggers a subtle geometric form. What Bucky Fuller talks about. The Vedas refer to it as the level of name and form. (lots of cool stuff with that) Ritam Bara Pragyam, that consciousness which accepts only truth. This form gives structure to the object of awareness. A subtle awareness field forms around the structure. This details it, creating a sort of mesh or network of intelligence with nodes that become differentiators. (unique aspects of what is forming). Depending on how far the form expresses, it then gains the more manifest local mind field, then what might be called an emotional field, then a pre-physical field – what Sheldrake calls Morphic fields. At each stage the fields gain more detail and more density until every atomic element is structured. All of this takes place virtually instantly.

Some people describe each level as another “dimension” but this is misleading. It may first be experienced as an alternate space but is later seen as a concurrent space at a different resolution.

Not sure if that addresses your question exactly, but thats what comes out at this late hour (laughs)


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  1. Shadowduck

    Thanks for taking the time to write that, I think I have a clearer idea now of what you’re talking about!

    I’m slowly beginning to feel that the underlying structure of things is something I’m better off not worrying about too much right now. It is what it is, and I am what I am – when I get to the bottom of one I’ll probably have the answer to the other! My skeptical scientific / engineering background has left me with a strong “yeah, right” reflex when people start to talk about metaphysical fields and energies, so I’m probably better off trying to understand myself first… If it turns out all to be one and the same, I guess it doesn’t matter what angle I approach from!”

  2. Davidya

    You’re welcome. Its not always easy to explain the abstract in a small space without graphical aids. (laughs) Feedback like yours helps clarify.

    As I mentioned in the prior post, you may find it more valuable later. And you put it exactly right. Asa a teacher once told me – Capture the fort, then all the gold mines and diamond mines will be yours. Go for the source, for who you are, then all else is revealed.

    If it makes you feel any better, a friend of mine is an engineer and he’s quite awake and grounded. He’s the one that more properly introduced me to Adyashanti’s talks, the one Tom talks about.

    Most people don’t care about all the details. More intellectually oriented people want a workable overview, a framework with which to apply their experience. A few of us… hmm – this would be better as a post before I go too long…

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