Healing Pain

Healing Pain

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In several articles here, such as The Past and The 2 Causalities, I’ve spoken of how our lives are not what they seem. That time is not sequential and that the apparent causality of the physical world is false. There is a deeper underlying causality and all of our experiences in all time are playing out in the present moment. When we release our backlog of pain and resistance, we open ourselves to the much greater values of awareness. Gradually we shift into this presence of the moment and the true causality.

I’ve not seen too many people write about it like this, but in this months “Bleeping Herald”, Cameron Day has an article on Embracing Pain as Tool for Self-Transformation. In the second part, he talks about the concurrency of lives and the way consciousness arranges things to support our evolution.

Just don’t get any ideas about parallel universes and all that. That is applying physical principles to the timeless field of all possibilities. It is not separate but all happening together, now.

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