The Play

The Play

Back in Living the Dream, I spoke of how the world is a great big shared dream. There is another aspect of this thats worth covering. Life is also a big playground. Lila, they call it in India. Many cultures celebrate life with dance, because it is the fundamental nature of our experience. Life is dance, much more literally than we may consider. It can be seen as being danced into existence.

dylan drums
Photo by Jerry of Dylan

When we wake up from some of the illusion of the play and discover that Shakespeare was correct – all the world is a stage – we discover life in a whole new way. Much of what Don Miguel Ruiz refers to as conditioning gradually drops away as we see through it. Our innocence begins to return and the childhood playfulness, energy and enthusiasm that many of us lost begins to return.

When we fully see through the shadow of illusion and step into the peace and happiness of a deeper perception of reality, we see the world is a dream. A kind of waking dream we can work with, just as we might play with our sleep dreams. Slowly, aspects of ourselves we may have pushed aside for many years begin to emerge again. The child returns, full of fun, silly voices, stories, songs, and laughter a plenty.

Our purpose finds new avenues of expression in this newly released and more full expression of being. The curtains open on a new play. Some drama may still be there, but a lot more comedy too – and none of the tragedy.

Take a bow. The game is afoot.


PS – I still have drafts of 4 other posts that await. All this is new flow from today.

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