A couple of times on this site, I have mentioned Adam, the Dreamhealer. (on Biology and Whats Up) When I first met him, he was still a teenager, just starting university. I was attending a conference up at SFU and when he came up on the schedule as a ‘healer’, I expected some sort of frail sensitive. I was most surprised to see a fit, handsome young man, a jock even. He was limping slightly, due to an injury he had just sustained kick-boxing. Hadn’t had time to heal himself. My preconceptions about healers were destroyed that evening.

He made a lot of sense and explained his background, so I picked up a copy of his first book. It talks about how he and his family discovered his unexpected abilities and focused them. Later I attended 2 of his workshops: one of his, and one in conjunction with another conference. Adams focus is on teaching people to self-heal – giving you the tools and understanding for self-empowerment. As the testimonials on his web site attest, it works. I’ve seen numerous examples of people recovering from terminal illnesses, in part with these techniques. I’ve spoken to a few personally. One even carries around the documentation to prove it. This isn’t woo-woo, its practical techniques, explained with science. (he’s studying Molecular Biology)

His workshops are designed to support that experience. They are inexpensive and usually sell out quickly, popular with healers, the sick, and the curious.  His perspective and insights are first class and his own story is remarkable.
By the time he was 21, Adam had written 3 books, all self-published. They were top sellers so Penguin picked them up and renamed them, bringing them to a larger audience.

As mentioned, the first book Dreamhealer, now Dreamhealer: A True Story of Miracle Healing, talks about his discovery of his gifts, first healing experiences, first groups and so on.

The second book, now called The Emerging DreamHealer: A Guide to Healing and Self-Empowerment focuses on techniques for self healing.
This 3rd book, The Path of the Dreamhealer,  takes it to the next level, covering some of the material previously only covered in his talks and workshops. Also on helping others heal.

Links to the above titles can be found under the Dreamhealer link on the first line. They are also available in many bookstores.

Its been a remarkable experience watching him grow. I look forward to seeing where this takes him.

And no, I’m not associated with them in any way. I know theres a lot of hocus pocus in this arena. Its hard to find quality material that works. This is one, a gem. The only caveat, as with any healing, is you have to get out of the way. You have to allow it to work. You want to get on board your bodies healing efforts and support it rather than thwart it with stress and doubt.


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