Pain, as in physical pain, can be a deeply challenging experience. It can overshadow our experience and quality of life in a number of ways. But the surprise is, you can handle it in much the same way as emotional pain. The saying “what you resist persists” also holds true. It can certainly be difficult to allow and go into the pain. But this acknowledges the signal from the body. It will often stop when its fully allowed, the signal heard.

At an introduction to EFT yesterday, Andy Bryce, one of only 2 master practitioners in Canada, talked about some of the other ways EFT (emotional freedom technologies) can be used. He confirmed my understanding and experience of pain. And he had a few suggestions.

Just as we allow feelings, we allow pain. He said it can help to answer questions about pain – what colour is it, what shape, what size. Then we are adding visual cues to the description, using the whole brain.

I’ve spoken about healing before here, such as about Adam, the Dreamhealer. Adam recommends you understand your issue so you can visualize it more accurately.

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