Peace Warrior

Peace Warrior

I have mentioned Adam the Dreamhealer a few times on this site. He is a remarkable young man with a gift for healing and, more importantly, an ability to help people learn to heal themselves.

You may find this a little hard to believe. You may have never experienced a legitimate healer nor used intention to help yourself. That’s understandable. I’ve read some of his material and have been to a couple of his workshops. I’ve spoken with other attendees that had a terminal prognosis and overcame it with his and related techniques. I’ve seen interviews with still more. This is the real deal and people I respect concur.

He recently published his 4th book, Intention Heals. An excerpt:

“As proteins are dynamic in nature, they are constantly changing their conformations. Certain conformations enhance the rate of a reaction more than others which we describe as being more enzymatically active. Here’s the important part. This means that just the smallest change in structure or orientation of any part of this protein has dramatic effects on its enzymatic activity and, consequently, our health. Metabolism is based on enzyme (which is a protein) activity and these enzymes are directly influenced by our intentions and thoughts.

How can you tell he’s studying microbiology in University? If you’d like to explore this aspect more deeply, check out Dr. Bruce Lipton’s site. His excellent book, The Biology of Belief, was awarded 2006’s Best Science Book of the Year. As Bruce teaches, the paradigm shift brought to physics by Quantum Mechanics has filtered into chemistry in the form of electrochemistry and then into biology. Bruce and Adam have done workshops together.

When I first met Adam, he had helped rocker Ronnie Hawkins recover from terminal pancreatic cancer. After that, he shifted his focus from healing others to helping them heal themselves. He couldn’t possibly meet all the requests he received. But occasionally, he has helped others with particularly difficult challenges. Another was Symone, a 17 year old from Australia who was left a vegetable by a serious head injury. She now lives a normal life.

More recently, Adam helped Canadian soldier Trevor Greene in his remarkable recovery after his “brain was sectioned with an axe”. Maclean’s magazine tells the story- The Reawakening of Cpt. Greene .

Peace Warrior is the name of the W-Five documentary, recently broadcast on CTV. It’s available for viewing online here, in what looks like 6 parts.

Trevor and his fiance are also writing a book about his journey, tentatively called Growing My Soul: Capt. Trevor Greene’s Long Journey Home From Afghanistan.

Quite a remarkable and challenging  journey indeed.

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