Busting Loose

Busting Loose

Every so often, a gem shows up. Last year, 3 friends (2 of them awake) recommended the book “Busting Loose from the Money Game” by Robert Scheinfeld. Finally got a chance to finish it recently. It covers so much more than just the ‘money game’. In fact, he talks about transcending the ‘human game’. The subtitle says it nicely: “Mind-blowing strategies for changing the rules of the game you can’t win”

The book is based on current thought around consciousness, the Field, and overcoming our illusions. He talks about how to bust your illusion “eggs” that suck up your power. But it steps past ideas like The Secret quickly, going into the deeper foundations of how we create our reality. And he does so simply and clearly.

The tools he recommends are very similar to what I’ve found most effective in my own work. He mentions Appreciation as key, for me I say gratitude. Same diff. And his “Process” is very similar to what I’ve used effectively for clearing, except that I used feeling values, he uses words with feeling values. Indeed, a skilled user of his process would probably shift in that direction automatically.

The link above includes an introduction and a link to a little video tour.

A friend of mine described their experience with it:
“I had a huge experience of reclaiming my energy yesterday. I’m glad I had read the book. I knew how to handle some big energy. I was able to surround the situation as it was happening with my energy field and transform what I would have in the past seen as negative energy coming towards me into powerful energy flowing through me as bliss. The bliss continued to surge through my system all day. It has to do with not believing the story and feeling the situation as energy only, then letting the energy flow, unblocked.”

What more could I say?

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  2. Davidya

    Hi Gloria
    Thanks for the feedback. The process I use is slightly different but has the same kind of function. I’ve not seen Robert speak in person but the clips in the film Leap are great!

    And great blog. Welcome to the blogosphere!

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