Whats up?

Whats up?

From a discussion on Adam, the Dreamhealer and unexplained phenomenon.

As Adam has observed, in our culture we focus on the physical, the surface values of our experience. Less physical things like electricity and magnetism are somewhat mysterious. Many people are only vaguely aware that they have thoughts, and feelings are often these apparently random events that wash over us. We have no context for subtler values of anything. Physics however tells us there is a whole host of subtler values, many with different laws of nature operating.

If we do a systematic study on the subjective side of the equation we quickly find that consciousness, that inner sense of lively awareness, is not a side effect of brain functioning but rather is causal. In other words, we are that awareness and brain function arises from the activity within that consciousness. Indeed, we soon find that all of our experience arises in and takes place in our awareness. Inside of us. Within that experience, we have subtle ideas and inspirations, we have thoughts, we have feelings and emotions, and we have sensory experiences of the physical world.

Its not hard to see how different values of those experiences are associated with different values of expression of the world. Just as there are various values or resolutions of manifestation, so too is there corresponding values in our inner world.

We also know that some things we experience are due to some underlying values. For example, we may have some sense of restlessness or anger which we soon find is a symptom on an underlying fear. The sense or feeling doesn’t make much sense until we find the root cause. In the same way, some effect in the physical world may have a more subtle origin that will help it make sense. Most of our inner world is subtler – why do we expect the outer world to be any different?

If you understand that our inner experiences arise in our awareness and the outer world arises as a result of more subtle energy, we can quickly see that our world is a series of effects with an underlying cause. It does not begin in the physical world but rather from a less resolved value. It should come as no surprise then that some things are less expressed and may not be physical. Doesn’t make them any less real. In fact, in some ways they are more real even if they are outside of our usual sensory perception.

As you suggest, theres a lot more going on than our physical senses are capable of perceiving. The eyes see a very narrow part of the electromagnetic spectrum. What of things that are not even expressed enough to create electromagnetic effects? Adam talks about some of the energy he sees in treating people. Given the wide agreement of experience of aura values, its obvious theres something there, even if we don’t all understand it yet.

Curiously, many people find that sutler values are perceivable if they simply allow for the possibility and exercise the skill. We have not perceived the values simply because we’ve filtered out that information in the past. Change your mind, change your world.

I would not say that space is another body – that puts the cart before the horse. But I would say that space sits within consciousness and that from the one arises the many. Individual spaces within individual expressions of the one consciousness. How that consciousness expresses is as varied as there are possibilities.

Adam is a forerunner, helping to guide people who have been waking to their own abilities. All these people who have self-healed. Thats big news.

But I would also not expect this to make front page headlines for a bit. Presently, the newspapers are focused on the lowest common denominator, the ego in fear. This mistake of the mind needs to make things wrong to make itself right and seeks confirmation of its
position. It looks for things to be afraid of. And that sells papers.

The waking thats been going on starts inside, in opening and allowing. Theres a revolution going on, but its an inner revolution. A revolution of unprecedented awakening. Occasionally, a symptom arises, like the popularity of the Secret, but much of it is happening pretty quietly. Its not until the silent being is established within that it really starts moving out into the world. Thats when we’ll really start to see things change.


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  3. Shadowduck

    Hmmm… Unfortunately, I struggle to read past “If we do a systematic study on the subjective side of the equation we quickly find that consciousness, that inner sense of lively awareness, is not a side effect of brain functioning but rather is causal.” Quite a claim!

    I don’t think it matters much to me right now which is cause and which effect. In the same way that you don’t need to know how an engine works in order to drive a car, I’m not sure I need a metaphysical explanation for everything at this stage… If I’m on the right track, I’m sure all will become clear to me in time – if I’m not, what use would explanations be?

    But still the skeptical, scientific side of my nature keeps saying “Oh, really? Please – show me how to perform this study so I can see this for myself.”

  4. Davidya

    If it’s not your experience, theres no reason for you to accept any of this. I think you have the right approach. Explanations are completely unnecessary. A friends of mines mother awoke and was not interested in reading about it or understanding it. To her it simply is. Thats enough. I’m not so easily satisfied.

    I would say the study is simple. Continue down the path. I talk about that all over here as do others you read. Over time, your perspective will shift as the experience shifts. Even more as who you perceive yourself to be shifts.

    When you fully know that you are the awareness, you will find that everything arises within that. Then it will be your experience. Because of your nature – you may say the explanation doesn’t matter but your words reveal otherwise – you will find the explanations useful later. When you have reality shifting changes, you will want verification from other sources.

  5. Shadowduck

    You’re quite right, of course – understanding is important to me, and I would like to think I’ll come to an explanation in time. Sometimes though, doing has to come first to allow understanding to follow. This seems to be one of those times!

    Maybe the path’s more fun, waiting to see what’s round the next bend? I’m looking forward to wherever it takes me next, and with any luck I’ll find my way to the top of the mountain someday. 😀

  6. Davidya

    (laughs) Of course you will. Walking, doing as you say, will always bring you where you are going.
    Even if someone told you your life story and all the steps you will take on the path, the experience of it will always be different than any idea of it. All of the past and future are knowable, in the moment. Doesn’t change anything. 😉

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