4 Agreements

4 Agreements

Recently, I saw Don Miguel Ruiz speak in the film Living Luminaries. I was also given his book “The 4 Agreements” for my birthday. I’d seen and heard about it a number of times. But it was still a nice surprise. Miguel is bringing a sample of the Toltec wisdom to light here and its a fresh perspective on the dynamics of the ego and belief.

In this case, the agreements are the beliefs we have made with ourselves, based on false information. Yet we live and interpret our lives by them, and suffer as a result. The 4 agreements are 4 simple but surprisingly profound new agreements we can make with ourselves. The first agreement for example, to be impeccable with your word, is not so easy as it might first sound – even if you are a typically truthful person. As you observe what you say and think, one quickly discovers all kinds of little lies we tell ourselves, unintentionally. Here are the “eggs” of Robert Scheinfeld, with another view on their release.

The first chapter, on Domestication, (= programming) irritated me at a few points from what I considered imprecise wording. But he nonetheless reveals some profound truths about the human condition and offers a fresh perspective on our journey to truth. Recommended.


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