Smooth Loops

Smooth Loops

Traprain Law
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On a grand scale, life moves in vast contractive and expansive cycles. We can say the Divine flows down from greater than infinity into a point of life and experiencing we know as the soul, ourselves. Every point then expands out into expression and infinite thoughts, emotions, forms, and experiences.

Simultaneously, that infinity of outward expression turns back in on itself, collapsing back to a point of knowing which collapses back into infinite wholeness and the source from which the process begins.

These are the vast flows of life out into expression and back to source.  

However, when some aspect of experience is resisted, this process doesn’t complete. If that resistance becomes unresolved and solidifies, it becomes a wall in the smooth flow.

This creates eddies and loops in the smooth communication between inner and outer, between the Divine and expression. Rather than looping back to the Divine, the outer loops back to the eddies and comes to be driven by resistance, disconnected from source.

We might call these eddies dissonant frequencies that distort experience and expression. They cause us to lose our sense of the Divine in the noise. We also lose touch with who we are and life experiences become unpleasant.

Yet as we heal that resistance, the eddies resolve, we restore flow, and life becomes rich and whole – just as intended.

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    1. Hi Pete
      Not exactly. The eddies are happening at the causal level in our shared reality. This does contribute to the shadows or veils that reduce our perception. And that leads to a sense of disconnection from the bigger picture. As a result, we identify with our local sense of self, what is available to us.

      The small self isn’t completely illusory. There is some functionality that develops naturally. But without that bigger picture, we get stuck there and build a bunch of other stories around it that creates a larger construct about “who we are” that is very illusory.

      This approach isn’t as simple as some you’ll see but I think reflects how it is more. But some people don’t like the detail. 🙂

      1. Pete

        While meditating, I am often drawn to gross level sensations of tension, or stuckness in particular parts of the body. These tensions seem to be related to injuries from my past… would you also say that an area of physical stagnation caused by injury is a sort of resistance?

        It does seem that by working with surrender, these areas are slowly being digested by Being and working with Dorothy Rowe’s healing algorithm has had some beneficial results.

        1. Hi Pete
          In a sense. An injury site can have physical tension and things like compensation, there can be habits of pain avoidance even after healing, plus there can be energetic and emotional residues.

          Some people also find that unresolved injury sites also relate to unresolved experiences from prior lives. It’s not necessary to go into that to heal but this points to problematic areas often being multi-layered.

          You don’t want to spend your practice time obsessing over some resistance but if the attention is drawn there, having it lightly on the sensations can help loosen and perhaps release things. With big stuff, there will by multiple rounds of this while it gradually heals.

          Glad to hear. It’s something of a process but as we get to know how to support it and clear some of the backlog, things gradually shift and quality of life climbs.

  1. Clarice Davidson

    I was just listening to one of your utubes where you mentioned that often sound is involved in awakening. I’ve been hearing this low grade hisssound (hard to describe accurately). Could you tell me more about the sounds.

    1. Hi Clarice
      Sound is the subtlest sense, beginning on the level of primordial vibration. This is why mantras (sounds) are often used in meditation. They can take us the deepest.

      For awakening, the reference is more to hearing the Self speak through someone awake. If there is resonance and the time is right, this can trigger a shift. See also:

      Hearing a background sound is a little different. (barring any ear problems) Remember that the world is being recreated in every moment. That primordial sound, the undifferentiated sound of becoming, is thus a constant.

      We can become aware of this sound in several ways, depending on where we are in relationship to it. The body may feel like it’s quietly vibrating. It can sound like a high-pitched whistle, like a low rumble, like the sound Auum, or like a low grade hissing – something like what sound engineers call pink noise. (you can search that on Youtube)

      We can say it’s a basic form of refined perception, hearing something that’s not physical. It’s not of particular importance but is interesting to realize you’re hearing the world around you being created.

      It generally fades away when our attention shifts.

      1. Jean

        Very interesting.
        I also hear this high pitched hissing sound. Over the years I think it increased in pitch. Sometimes I hear something that sounds like a harp. Usually in the in-between state of sleeping and waking up 🙂

        1. It occurs to me there can be a form of purification/ healing in the ear that causes noise too. But that would with someone who has experienced a LOT of noise, like a rock musician.

          When you change states of consciousness, like falling asleep or waking up, you shift through a neutral gear of just consciousness itself. Most people don’t recognize that but it is a point where subtle things can happen.

          There is various kinds of subtle sounds. What has been traditionally called the music of the spheres – the sounds planets and stars make at subtler levels, for example. There is also a subtle space where the focus is music called Ghandarva Loka. And some kinds of angels play music. There are lots of possibilities. 🙂

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