Dorothy Rowe

Dorothy Rowe

Golden Dream
Golden Dream, photo by law_keven

In the spring before my BATGAP interview, I watched Dorothy Rowe’s interview. She’s a distance energy healer based in Iowa.

A close friend recently gifted me a personal energy healing with her. Waiting for the appointment, I watched some videos which lead into others, then a live webinar, then browsed her knowledge base. I’m impressed at how her offerings have developed and surprised we didn’t connect more a few years ago.

She works primarily from pure Being or consciousness. This way, any healing on any level can be supported.

As she says in her intro’s, we have control over our attention and what we give it to. Attention enlivens and activates what we put it on. I wrote about this in the recent Healing by Attention article, inspired by her work. Attention activates balance, resources, and awakens potential.

However, it’s useful to be clear we’re talking quality of attention here, something we culture from an effortless meditation practice or similar. If we’re agitated, unsettled, or unfocused, attention is shallow and unstable. It doesn’t have the same potency.

As we settle within and “cleanse the windows of perception” we increase both the quality of our attention and what it’s awake to. Finer perception awakens us to finer levels, allowing us to use attention with greater precision and in more places. Becoming established in pure silence and progressively deepening in Being further increases the potency of the attention itself.

Dorothy offers an active YouTube channel with clips from courses and from her regular webinars. They’re full of simple techniques and approaches to healing. I found the activations she does during the videos work now too.

The paid webinars include group healing. They can be surprisingly advanced, and the group includes some very awake people, adding to the potency. She starts the process but allows consciousness (pure Being) to express as subtle forms (beings) to bring the resources and heal. We simply need to be present to the process to support it. Dorothy shares her observations and insights while the process is underway. Some grumble at this detail but if you like my approach, you’ll enjoy hers too.

If you’re not aware at more subtle levels, you may not experience much during the healing. But these are shifts in the foundational structures and templates that support your life. Either way, the commentary will enlighten. If you watch some of her more recent videos, they’ll give you a sense of the webinar content and her terminology.

She looks at levels a bit differently than I do and uses some terms differently. What she calls the Etheric I call the energy or emotional body. What she calls the Emotional and Astral sit about where the knowledge or intellect body is. We’re similar otherwise. She describes 6 levels in what I’d describe as the first 5 koshas. Her “gap” is the 6th kosha, the space of consciousness itself.

For example, in this video, she talks about the Causal body, what I generally call the Bliss body. Where I talk of nested spaces, she speaks of divisions of space. The structures we both call sacred geometry.

Here’s a rough comparison of the level terminology & differences:

Element Chakra Function Kosha/Davidya Dorothy
Earth 1 mass Physical Physical
Water 2 energy, prana Energy/ Emotional Etheric
Fire 3 field Mental/ senses Mental
Air 4 geometry Intellect/ Intuition/ Fine Feeling 2: Emotional and Astral
Space 5 vibration Bliss/Celestial/Causal Causal/ Celestial
  6   Chitta/ flow Gap
  7 Atman Consciousness  Unmanifest Being

(for a discussion of these relationships, see The Origin of the Senses)

After seeing a bunch of clips from past webinars, I joined a live webinar and quite enjoyed it. I had some excellent insights that quickly showed up in life and articles. I’ve subscribed to the series now, joining my friend who started this off.

Each of us has a different emphasis of the laws of nature. This reflects in how we orient to life, including refined perception. We each explore infinity in a certain way and from a specific perspective. When someone else describes their perceptions, it can open doors or point us to things we’d not noticed in the vastness of creation. She’s definitely waking things up for many people.

My healing appointment was like a webinar only it was focused on what is here. It’s astonishing the territory we covered, mainly in areas I’d not explored but were expressing into my life.

For example, I’ve explored and healed past life dynamics over the years but have barely touched on ancestral patterns we learn from our parents or inherit. She often worked on the causal level but frequently moved around the layers to address the connecting threads that lead into our life experience.

I’d recommend using the free Zoom for the healing session as you want the recording. Going through the recording again later, it deepened some of the healings and drew still more insights. We covered a lot of territory.

She also gave me some follow-up homework in videos and articles to read.

I’ve added Dorothy to my Recommended list. Take a look at some of her videos. If you resonate, I can certainly recommend exploring further.

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  1. Oh, David,

    It is so kind of you to create this lovely overview of our session, and this deeply spiritual perspective on my work. I so appreciate your graciousness and generosity. Thank you dearly for taking the time to share with all your readers. It was a privilege for me to be with you, and together explore the fine fabrics of consciousness, for the purpose of integrating Wholeness at ever greater, ever more refined levels of expression. Your work is so precious to our world. Thank you again for being.


    1. You’re more than welcome, Dorothy.

      It was such a pleasure to discover the depth of your work. I’ve quite enjoyed the insights and results from watching videos, the webinars, and now, the healing session. Lots of little benefits showing up. I look forward to watching it unfold further.

      Thank Being for this being – I can’t take credit for that. 🙂

      1. Annie

        Hi David,
        I agree Dorothy Rowe is a treasure. I like that she opens all of her sessions on line and private with a prayer of gratitude to the Divine. Dorothy does honor the ancestors and she has a very broad spectrum of connection and expression. I appreciate that there is never a put down, the insight is to awareness and upliftment, responsibility and balance plus truth and wisdom.
        I enjoyed your insight here.

  2. Gayanee

    How cool you two are connected. Dorothy has been a guide of mine for a while. She came to Vegas to meet the community here and hold a couple of workshops. Hosting her at my place and being in her constant presence for three days, talking energy healing was priceless. I have been working with her remotely for years but a live sit in session with her on that trip produced major reverberating results on some core issues I was working on. See you soon again at the webinars, David! Much open for me in them as well.

  3. I am a big fan of Dorothy and you Davidya. She helped me many times, specifically during keyhole surgery on my right knee. After the surgery where everything went perfectly I was resting at home. My knee and only the knee was in bliss! The bliss wore off but the knee is perfect. Bringing Being to the operating table gave total support of Nature.

    1. Thanks, Sean. Yes, supporting surgery with energy healing can help things heal more quickly and to the original optimal design.

      Lovely you were able to experience the healing as bliss. That is as yet pretty rare. And yet, if we’re willing to accept whatever experience arises, we’ll find that behind pain is bliss. When we allow the signal to be heard, pain’s job is done and it falls back.

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