The Book is in Distribution

The Book is in Distribution

The printed proofs came this week and looked good. This was the last major hurdle for the book’s release. It’s remarkable to hold an actual book after all these years.

The official release date for the book is October 11.

It’s now available for pre-order on Amazon*, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and other outlets though I notice some variability yet on different sites. It’s being distributed to over 70 retailers around the world. I’m not sure it will do as well in the medical or Christian specialty stores though. 🙂

More Info about the book.

I’m having a launch event at the local library on the release date. (will post details closer to the time) This will include a short presentation and Q&A. I’ll have to review how to write a press release again. I’m getting some bookmarks printed for the occasion. I’ve added a printable bookmark file to the books page if that would amuse you. (laughs)

If you’d like to see a detailed overview of the topic, you can watch the Our Natural Potential talk I gave at SAND15.

*Some Amazon sites have made the print version available now. While this was not the plan, taking it down can cause problems getting it back up again so I’ve just decided to leave it live.

Update: Another wrinkle. Amazon Canada may not see the print version available until after the launch date.

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  1. Bojan

    Hi Davidya

    I guess your first baby book is born one month earlier then expected. But that’s ok as long he/she is healthy! And after such a long pregnancy! Also baby can’t go back in the womb. Now THAT would be a miracle lol!
    Yeah i bet in the Christian stores they would have problems. Another Son of God who’s one with the Father… To whom would people pray? Lord Jesus! Or should i say Lord Davidya! Hehe
    But seriously i think your book will be of help to many people on their spiritual path. They would have a conceptual map of higher stages of development and that’s a good thing. Another pointer to the Self and beyond…
    Good luck!

    1. Hi Bojan
      Well – 3 weeks early, but it seems clear the baby wanted out there. 🙂

      Whoa – no Lord here nor object of prayer. That should only be directed to the Divine itself.

      Yes. I know the blog has helped a lot of people and the book assembles it together into a more cohesive whole.

  2. Eddie

    What an accomplishment, David! This is beyond Congratulations!
    I feel such Joy bubbling in my heart for you! And to know that Yours Truly is in this community – what a blessing!
    Cant wait to get my autographed copy!


    1. Thanks, Jim. If you plan to get a physical copy, is selling them now. It’s pre-order for the Kindle version. (rolls eyes)

      Curious little hiccup in the launch. Seems nature wants it out there soonest. In some places. (laughs)

  3. Note: if you’re pre-ordering an ebook, the non-Amazon price will come down tomorrow. Your purchase price should drop accordingly, but it’s worth checking.

    (it takes time for the price change to be updated. Had to adjust it to meet “the Amazon Way” – they really game the numbers.)

  4. Blanche

    Hi David,

    Congratulations for the publishing of your book! I’ve ordered it on Amazon here in US, and it is supposed to arrive on Tuesday.
    Looking forward to reading it. Maybe some day I’ll get it autographed at one of Lorne and Lucia’s retreats. 🙂

  5. Sandesh Sheth


    I will inform our county library and fill in their form so that they can budget and purchase a copy at the earliest. And I am buying my personal copy also.

    And a request – please go back to Rick Archer’s BATGAP and do another interview and share with us what you left out last time. (That is my favorite interview and I use it to meditate). The upcoming interview will result in a BATGAP bump as Rick calls it.

    1. Thanks, Sandesh. They can get it wholesale through Ingram.

      Rick Archer wrote the foreword of the book so we may well do another interview but we’ve not discussed it yet. Main thing is getting the book out the door, then I’ll start marketing more.

      And yes, the original interview doubled the subscribers here.

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