The 10th Anniversary

The 10th Anniversary

I launched this blog 10 years ago today. It’s evolved a lot in that time. It started as a simple free blog called In2Deep for sharing various topics broadly related to spirituality. This included notes from talks, videos, and so forth.

As the shift settled in here, I gradually began to write more about it and what followed. I also shifted slowly to my own voice. At first I wrote under the Davidya nickname, only later sharing more of who I was after I’d wound down my tech consulting business.

A few of the milestones:

Surge in posting, sometimes 40-60 a month.

Cross-commenting with a community of bloggers who follow each other’s work (they eventually all stopped blogging). Hit 600 posts.

I was in grad school and post numbers went way down. Was also a time of another stage change.

Published an article in Science to Sage magazine (What is Consciousness?)
Added real name to the blog as a result.
In December, migrated to hosted site @

Key Posts migrated to be category-driven. This makes it much easier to keep current.

Fall – BATGAP interview and SAND conference – interview, talk, and panel (see Media tab)

I started working on a book before this blog started but ended up restarting the project twice, narrowing the scope each time. We’re now on the eve of the first books release.

The blog has passed over 1,700 posts.

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  1. Congratulations are due, Davidya.

    This blog is so important, a pristine and intelligent resource informed by real experience.

    Thank you so much for all this volunteer work, and wishing you the best good successes in the form of future milestones.

    1. Thanks, Jim. Quite a few people have expressed appreciation for giving words to their experience and noting those distinctions, both in the process and their own experience of it. Context can be very useful.

      It’s all rather a surprise to me. (laughs)

      1. Jim

        Yes, that is both the beauty and truth of it – The expression is spontaneous, experientially-based, and clear.

        As someone who would rather try to eat one of my shoes than attend a ‘spiritual event’ :-), your writings have allowed me to continue on my own way, quickly, quietly, and assured that at least one other person on the planet has experienced same. It is a blessing.

  2. Aaron White

    Congratulations and thank you for your terrific writings! I really appreciate what you’ve done here. Your writings have helped me see where I am in the whole process of awakening, as well as helped to guide me to some incredible retreats. Namaste!

  3. Richard

    What a great milestone David, I can’t imagine the dedication and work required – congratulations!
    We are planning to see Lorne and Lucia in September and hopefully will meet you again at one of the retreats.
    Happy Bloging

    1. Hi Richard
      Thanks. I don’t exactly see it as dedication. Just a willingness to go where life takes me. And surprise, that took to me to ongoing sharing of writing. And gradually pushed boundaries like real name, the interview, and so forth.

      Great. I’ll see you there. I run the recording gear so am on most retreats.

    1. Hi K
      Some say there are no accidents. 🙂

      Thanks. We’re in an interesting age where we can more easily travel to be together or to be together virtually with online tools. We can have friends scattered all over the globe. Some say this is a big help to unfolding spirituality.

      Interesting article. I’m less familiar with Buddhism, although Ananda had some great discussions with Buddha.

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