Natural Solutions – part 1 of 2

Natural Solutions – part 1 of 2

In another forum, a friend of mine recently spoke about how ~150 robins had settled into his yard for some days, crapping on everything. He loved the birds but there were too many in that small space. He contacted the “Robin King” with a request and shortly afterward, all the robins departed.

The discussion brought up the following points:
– they don’t always cooperate but often will
– the Findhorn approach suggests you also offer a better alternative (over there, later, etc.)
– be “humble, natural, and take a direct approach.” Don’t fight them or complain
– supervisors have a job to do and usually have little interest in shooting the breeze with ol’ dunderhead
– just talking out loud isn’t useful. You have to make some sort of felt connection with their kind
– as energy beings, the best connection is via feelings. You feel them. And they feel you and know how you feel about them
– You don’t have to be able to see or hear them, just feel the nature of their kind, without judgment. That tunes you into their “channel”. With respect, you make a request
– people have cleared mice, rats, ants, birds, and scorpions but not fire ants.
They’ve settled bumpy plane rides or bad weather
– it doesn’t always work – depends on if they’re playing or its routine or if there’s a need of the time

What the heck were we talking about?

Those that run nature, that do the doing, that enact the laws of nature. We’ve all heard faerie stories. Many of the popular ones are based on human imagination. Other stuff is supposed to be descriptions of real experiences. Some of that is hoax or drivel. The better stuff is much more specific and describes what they learned, not just appearances.

Another common issue for some who actually see them is not recognizing the personalization influence, ie: what they’re bringing to the experience in expectations and such. They thus can put way too much weight on appearances rather than content. For example, is it necessary for a light being not subject to aerodynamics to have wings? You may choose or be more comfortable with seeing them that way and there’s nothing wrong with that. But to make that their truth is to mask what is important.

The key thing to understand here is the difference between personal and impersonal. There are two distinct modes with which we can see the world. In the Impersonal, we see the world in its components with interacting laws or forces of nature. This is the approach of science, the intellect. In the Personal, those same laws of nature are seen as embodied, as light beings, as the doers that make the world happen. This is the felt way of the heart. History is rich with stories of such experiences. This article focuses on the personal perspective.

Deva or Devata are general Sanskrit terms for light beings. Broadly, the term Deva is usually used to refer to a higher form or god; Shiva, for example. Devata is used for smaller, more specific beings, like daisy devata. But the term is also used as the plural of deva, or for the more impersonal impulse of nature (point of light).

Essentially everything that is has devata to make it so, typically in a whole hierarchy. For the most part, all have prescribed roles. Thus, whatever the plant, animal, or function of nature, there is a devata or their supervisors that can be communicated with. You can tune into the feel of the object or life-form itself, the devata of them (the “group” sense), the supervisor, or the king of that group. Each is progressively more potent.

But out of respect, you don’t want to waste anyones time. Start with the front line. If they’re not in a position to make changes or are not interested in communicating, then step higher. It takes only a shift in intention.

While most devata have little interest in shooting the breeze, they may be open to brief consultation with a polite, respectful ask. They recognize we’re in this together. If you can feel them, you should also be able to feel understanding about them too (who they are, what they do) aka intuition. So you shouldn’t have to ask what they’d see as dumb questions. They usually have a name preference which may or may not match historical records.

(Note that on the subtle feeling level, there are no secrets. But neither is there judgement as everyone has their journey and the same struggles to pass through.)

For a fair number of people, such talk is considered delusional. Thus, those that experience such things tend to keep it to themselves. For many, such experiences are occasional and fleeting and thus easily doubted. But if you get to a certain point in post-personal evolution, they’ll be as obvious as the wind and rain. You may ignore them most of the time but the option remains in the toolkit.

Most people are oblivious to those who make things happen, support their physiology, and manage their experience. We thus act out of sync and like apparent dolts to many of them. Not to mention our tendency to spew emotional dramas, polluting our mutual environment. Thus, it’s no surprise they can have attitude or be mischievous. To them, we can seem like bulls, crashing around in a china shop they created for us.

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