Gem Bowls and Denise

Gem Bowls and Denise

I’ve mentioned Denise Hagan here a few times. She’s a remarkable singer of Irish descent who’s settled locally. Not only is her singing profoundly moving but has healing qualities. She calls on angels or what are called  light beings or devas to support her work.

In May, I had the chance to attend a workshop she gave where she combined the above with the use of gem bowls, tuned to the chakras. It was the first time she tried this in a group. Normally, she just uses it for one-on-one healing.

Gem bowls are crystal bowls with gems, like ruby or topaz, blended into the mix. This enhances the effects. Crystal bowls are manufactured of “99.992% pure crushed quartz, heated to about 4000 degrees in a centrifugal mold.” They are formed to make exact tones and usually look white. Gems bowls add the colour of the gem.

They are played much like Tibetan singing bowls. They make powerful resonant tones, like giant tuning forks. After the first time I heard crystal bowls played many years ago, I got a CD but couldn’t play it in my boom box because the resonance made the CD skip.

Denise combines those resonant tones and vocal harmonics with simple exercises to open and clear your energy systems. These are the foundation of your physical and emotional well-being. Combined with celestial help, it’s a potent mix. First time I’ve ever felt specific chakras literally vibrate like that.

She uses the bowls on her Numinous CD, a meditative work unlike her previous 3. She supplemented some of the workshop with the CD also. Amazing work. Looking forward to seeing it flower further. She’s working on a couple more CD’s, subject to funding.

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