Make Peace

Make Peace

Tom Stine posted a short and sweet post I quote below in it’s entirety.  It is such an important thing. It is ending this internal battle that will end war. End suffering. End unhappiness. It really is that simple. Yet at the same time, it is startling how deep the story goes that fights what is. The concepts that make things wrong. The habits of judgment. The sense of need and should. The dark expectations. It goes on and on. But it has an end. An end that can be seen and felt as it is full of peace, of light, and of happiness.

We suffer as this peace and happiness is our nature and we know it and miss it. But it can take time to trust deeply. The result is so rich with satisfaction, it cannot be believed.

The secret to happiness:

Make peace with your mind.
Make peace with the person you think you are.
Make peace with the world.
Make peace with life.
Make peace with everything.

You, consciousness, make peace.
The mind can’t make peace with itself.
Make peace with all that you are.

The only cause of suffering is your argument with what is.
— Tom Stine

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