Charter for Compassion released

About a year ago, I blogged about a project to draft a Charter for Compassion. The world was invited to contribute, especially leaders of faiths.

“Later this week millions of Muslims, Christians, and Jews will be sent an email inviting them to come to the site and offer their choice of words, in their own language, to help create a charter capable of inspiring the world to focus on what the great religions share, as opposed to what divides them.”

On Nov. 12, the resulting Charter was released.

You can read it and download it here.

And see it read here:

If you agree, please Affirm the Charter.  Other Affirmers include the Dalai Lama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Peter Gabriel, and many, many more.

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3 Responses to Charter for Compassion released

  1. Will says:

    Hi Davidya,
    Thanks for writing and supporting the Charter. Please consider adding the Charter widget to your post or website to help spread the word. It allows your readers to view and affirm the Charter directly. You can find it at
    Will (helping to get the word out)

  2. Davidya says:

    Thanks for the tip, Will. This is a free hosted blog that doesn’t support widgets. But your comment may help others know about it. 2,000 more have Affirmed the Charter since I posted this a couple of days ago.

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