In July ’08, I went on 2 retreats – 5 days with Lorne and Lucia followed by a week in silence with Gangaji. In the year since, I’ve been on a bunch of video-conferenced day retreats and some local satsangs, but not a full retreat.

Next weekend, I’ll be going on a 4 day retreat on the prairies with Lorne and Lucia. These are very profound retreats. For example, it feels like it’s already begun. As the various awake and close-to-awake put their attention on the event, its presence builds. Already, people from a distance have begun their journey. The coming together of Self spills the boundaries of time.

It’s also a special retreat as Lorne and Lucia have sold the farm and are moving west. Their landing point is unknown so it may be awhile before another.

I also quite enjoy the retreats as I know many of the people, some for over 30 years. So it’s a time to see old friends too. Old friends who are completing their life’s purpose.

Its a beautiful thing.

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