LLL Retreat

LLL Retreat

I’m back from the first retreat but it seems not to have ended. It would be nice to be able to make a list of Main Points, such as Tom has done on his retreat reports. But this one was not like that. There was no lectures or teaching. It was simply a conversation of Self with Itself. Some questions answered to satisfy the mind enough to get it out of the way. But otherwise, this was avoided to prevent activating the mind.

I cannot begin to find words to express how powerful it was. The warmth and love and happiness and power were exceptional. If I shared the statistics of how many left the retreat awake, you would likely not believe it. It is unbelievable. I didn’t accept it before, until I knew some of the people. Even in these remarkable times of many people awakening, these particular retreats are exceptional. The facilitators have a rare gift for walking people past their last barriers to awakening.

Some things that were particularly inspiring. A young woman who awoke on her third day of meditation, having her experience verified, a full adult life ahead of her without burden. A young man who not only awoke, but 3 days later had a complete second awakening into Unity. We’re talking 3 major shifts in the perception of reality. In his return of the small gift of support I offered him, I was witness to the birth of a remarkable teacher.

Considering what was once required to get to such a place, these things are a clear sign of what one might call the ‘quickening’. And it’s really quickening.

They have asked that I not yet publicize the group. Not all the infrastructure is in place yet. When all those many people long on the path realize what this is…  So I will leave it at that. Suffice to say, the next few years will be astonishing.

In 2 days I begin a week long retreat, in silence. It will be a little more heart, a little more mind, but another nice rest.


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  1. I got chills reading your report, davidya. Something is definitely going on, indeed, quickening is upon us. I eagerly await (without attachment) (well, without MUCH attachment 😉 ) further reports from you. Blessing on your next retreat.

  2. Kris

    Dont know if you remember me from Takuin’s website. We had a really good discussion there about a month ago.
    Anyway, there has recently been a realization of myself as the witness and the understanding that i have always been this….such a subtle but simple recognition, a feeling of lightness, clarity and a kind of transparency inside my head.
    It has come from a surrender into who i am, some of the fight and struggle has gone…there is still seeking but now i am seeing the seeking instead of being it.
    Consequently there is an acceptance of myself that is steadily deepening as the ‘i’ is realized to be seperate from the ego.
    There have been instances where i have felt on the edge of a water slide with the appropriate mix of fear and excitement…i am about to go over the edge the mind recoils with fear. There is the intuition that i will enter a place of no escape, where the possibility of hiding in the mind has gone.
    I feel that this is where i must go but i dont know how to stay there.

  3. Davidya

    Hi Kris
    Thanks for dropping by.
    Your description sounds like what is known as soul or jiva witness. This would mean your connection with source has become deep enough that the individual has woken to it’s nature. But the person has not yet woken from the dream of ego. Its a step many take as they approach awakening. Firstly, understand that what you now need to do is step out of any concepts about what may happen or what it’s about. Our ideas of enlightenment are often a barrier to it. Awakening is very simple. Just be and allow.

    As you mention, the fear is the mind, afraid of being lost. Your intuition is in a sense correct. When you awake, there is no going back. But the mind is not lost. In fact it is greatly enhanced. What is lost is the idea of being separate. When you allow and step off the edge, you will find there is no fall but rather a step into silence. You won’t have to “know” how to stay there. You will be it. That is awakening. Very simple.

    I’ll send you a note off line with a resource. Making the last step can be tricky without support, much easier with.

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