Shock and Awe

Shock and Awe

Shock and Awe is a term used by the military for the use of overwhelming force. A raw expression of power designed to culture fear. It can be quite potent but not always in the way intended. It’s a great way to produce exponential values of karma. The more powerful the energy, the more it affects, the more reflects back in the balancing.

Bad energy experiences are a really interesting way to learn the importance of the way you’re using your energy and how that effects those around you. By energy, what I mean here is the feeling values. The emotions attached to your thoughts and actions. It’s less about what you’re saying and more about the emotional load you add to the words. Some people vent very overtly but some more subtly with more power.

It’s like learning empathy. It’s hard to understand what it feels like until you experience it yourself. Once you’ve been dumped on enough, you learn to avoid it. But if dumpers keep showing up, it may be useful to be more mindful of your own emotional dynamics. Do you process stuff in healthy ways? Or do you spew on your friends and loved ones? How do you feel? And what are you doing with those feelings?

Of course, this is not about perfection. Just awareness. Being mindful of what you are offering the world.

Empathy is not only good for your emotional health, it helps with quality of life as you don’t get so much ‘blow-back’.

Understanding this process is more important than you might think. Unprocessed shock and fear is the seeds of the shadow story, the time cycles of the fall of consciousness, the origins of ego and suffering, of what the Bible calls fallen angels.

Energy is life. How is the energy flowing? What are you feeding?

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  1. Uzma

    Am often at the receiving end of some serious negative, complainy, energy. It bothered me no end. I tried to see what was in me that was creating this and I couldn’t find much. Now I am realizing that this could be to teach me kindness and true true empathy in the face of anything, even shock and awe. To get really beyong feeling bad for myself. What say?

  2. Davidya

    Hi Uzma
    You raise a good point. It may not be what you are putting out but you illustrate it is what you are resisting. This is not to say you should accept that sort of energy. But there is a call to learn to let it go by. To stop reacting. To not engage the energy.

    Have the conversation but not the energy exchange. Not the reactivity. It’s not personal. It’s just about energy.

    Kindness and empathy is good but you may need to seek simple neutrality first.

    It’s amazing what happens when there is no reaction. Or you don’t engage as expected. People can’t get energy from you this way.

    At first, they may act confused. Or be annoyed in some way. Complain that you’ve changed. But often they simply stop engaging this way because it no longer works.

    When friends tell me about the troubles they have with certain people, I am always surprised. I am almost never engaged like that now. Not to say I’m perfect or anything. (laughs)

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