Lorn and Lucia Links

Lorn and Lucia Links

There are various posts mentioning Lorn and Lucia here.
See the Category LuciaLorn to find them.

For an intro, see Lorn and Lucia.

As their web site and video channel are regularly updated, I’ll refer you there now.

Videos: Their video channel (2016)

Their web site: www.lucialorn.net (2012)


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  1. Ben

    Hi Davidya,

    I am definitely checking out their conference calls.

    I watched a couple of videos and it is a bit challenging to connect with all the love bliss and consciousness talk. At this point, it seems kind of unreal pollyannaish, and this is not to say it is not wonderful just the fluctuations of where I am at.

    There is a pull beyond the mind is what I sense, but no clear feeling sense of resonance. Definitely an attraction beyond mind.

    I can be kind of a space man like at times so I am noticing cautiousness of not being grounded and just desireless, meaningless, spacing out and not be present for my life and work is what I honestly experience.

    I know that is the mind kicking up objections so I just ask the open question if anything is here? And then go to the calls.

    I can get pulled into the whole love bliss thing pretty easy and I really am sick of seeking or trying to emulate someone else’s realization buzz.

    Does that make any sense?

    Thank you!

  2. Davidya

    Hi Ben

    Actually, yesterday was the last conference call, probably until September. They’ve decided to take the summer off for the first time in a couple of years to focus on a project.

    I reorganized the post a bit as I realized I had not laid out the links correctly. The trick is, they’ve helped a number of people awaken, so there is demand for support for this, much as Adyahsanti has published a couple of books and DVD’s on the post-awakening experience recently.

    It’s part of the challenge they face. When too many of the listeners are awake, Self shifts the content to support them. But then the other participants are not as well served. They’re considering how to manage this better.

    I know what you mean that “it seems kind of unreal pollyannaish”. But the newly awake are in a place where they can choose between peace, love, and bliss or reengage the mind and stories. It often takes a bit of practice to let go of some of the old habits. This is where such videos are valuable.

    You may notice that such teachers giggle and laugh a lot. For them, the very flow of speech is bliss.

    How pollyanna? How about your boss standing in front of you, shouting at you, and it doesn’t phase you in the slightest. The inner bliss is unperturbed. How about being seriously ill for a couple of days before you realize you are because your energy is unaffected and you’re deeply happy inside. Your girlfriend becomes a form of God. You’re almost in a head-on collusion on the highway but you know its going to be fine and it is. No stress. Instead, the response is laughter.

    These examples may seem like total space cowboy but they’re not. They’re solid reality. These are things awake people I know have experienced. Life is the same but it’s experienced very differently. And funnily enough, what we used to think was real turns out to be the pollyanna part. But more often, the Crying Katie. (laughs)

    Makes sense. This is not about someone elses realization. They don’t talk much about that. This is about your awakening. For me, they are the ones that changed it from those gurus I’ve heard of awake to those good friends awake.

    But they’re not for everyone. Each of us has our own path and distinct things to be heard. If they seem to speak to you, great. But you have to listen from silence. There’s not much for the mind to hold onto there. It’s nothing you ever heard on TV. (laughs)

      1. You’re welcome, Jim.
        This article has aged badly. Yes, Lorn without the ‘e’. He dropped it shortly after this article. They changed their web site address, YouTube channel, etc as noted by the dates. The links and clips this article once had are long gone.

  3. Ben

    Hi Davidya,

    I believe they have helped a number of people awaken which is why I was curious beyond the judgmental thoughts about them.

    It is also good to see my feelings about the presentation rise up. There is a story to see in those feelings and I am opening to seeing it, so I write honestly.

    I write honestly from the humanness because I have played the role of the experienced spiritual guide that is always peaceful and loving. That can get me really off track and miserable over apparent time.

    I am not questioning the whole love, bliss, consciousness as being real. I do think there is a danger in leading with it. My deepest experiences of love, bliss, and ecstatic consciousness came from a realization of what was really true. Even that was given. I didn’t earn it. When truth revealed itself, love, bliss, peace, etc was the by product.

    Truth is the starting point. I am very familiar with Adya. He leads with truth and he addresses each person where they are at by understanding where there mind is at and feeling into where their resonance is leading. Then he points in a way that is helpful just for themus. Adya is very clean, clear and flexible. He is the most available and sensitive teacher I have seen.

    He addresses people where they are at by being down to earth as to where he is at with truth. He may have people around him who are in the business of attracting people. Adya doesn’t seem to play that way.

    The knowingness, open, spacious beingness is it. My difficulty is not seeing that or having ecstatic experiences in that. I am not currently seeing that this knowingness or beingness that is the basis of everything I am is also everything and that I am everything. I am not seeing the world and all of it as part of this knowingness, beingness, openness, or whatever word you choose to call it.

    Intellectually, I get it. I have had glimpses and insights into it. It is not stable in me yet, so I am looking for that help. You deal with it here in this blog more than the vast majority of places I have seen.

    And for that I am very Grateful!

  4. Davidya

    Thanks for your feedback, Ben. Always insightful to hear of another’s journey.

    You highlight the challenge I was considering of the circumstance. As L&L have been low key for a long time, there is little public material to point to. The videos they have recently done have been supporting mostly the newly awake. That’s not a good intro, as you observe. Even people who are long on the path, when they first listen to them, they don’t always “get it” at first as the mind is not engaged the same way.

    In my enthusiasm, I did not consider this closely. Thanks for the observations.

  5. Davidya

    Ben – change of plans. There apparently will be a conference call this Sunday. If you’re interested, follow the links on the web site to sign up. I have no idea how long this will continue as they’re about to fly overseas. May be the last for awhile.

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