One of the more curious things in the awakening process is the dawning of solidity. For a time during the process, we can seem to be stepping into increasing levels of abstraction. The once apparently solid world becomes seen as a dream, then as flowing light, then as consciousness itself. The sense of self shifts from what may seem grounded and in control into a void or space. An emptiness or a fullness. But a no-thing in any case.

As we go deeper into the clarity of it and the inner and outer come together, there is a new aspect that begins to dawn. A solidity. The amorphous self and world come together into a “rock”. What better way to describe an unchanging, permanent reality? Only this solidity is more solid than any rock you might have met.

It does not weather with age. The mountain is never moved nor rock skipped. It is more real than anything of the changeable world science calls ‘relativity’.

Imagine the silent stillness of the depths of the ocean. No breath or thought is heard. Just complete stillness.

Everything that happens, happens within that stillness. And the stillness remains unmoved.

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