What moves? What changes? There is only silent awareness, moving within Itself. Appearing as this aspect or that form due to how it is perceived, by the mind we perceive through. It is mind that judges, mind that says it is this or that, good or bad, black or white.

This apparent field of action is an interesting bird. What happens is so very complex. Every word spoken, wing fluttered, thought arising, car turned reverberates off of every other event. Yet at the same time, the rules are simple.

Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it merely changes form. It also seeks balance. Thus, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. A consequence. But because that consequence comes around to us through the field of action, the form it takes may or may not be as expected. And the time it takes can vary from instantaneous to lifetimes. How far down the table does the ball bounce? Depends on how much we have on the table.

This is the deeper side of ideas like the law of attraction. Putting out what you want will bring it into your life. But the form it takes may be a surprise. As I mentioned in What do You Create?, it has nothing to do with me. It is all about we, what the whole requires.

And this is the clue to getting a sense of it all. While the interactions themselves are hopelessly complex, there is a broader general movement behind the details. But we cannot see this with the personal mind. The personal mind is about judging and differentiating. Good with details but lousy with the big picture. And usually too caught up in it’s story. That thing it tells itself constantly. Can’t hear for all the talking.

To connect with the deeper movement, we have to step out of individual mind. The easiest way to do that is through the heart. With the heart, we can step into the deeper mind, the universal mind. Listen with the heart or feel it. Some call this intuition.

Now you may respond – but heart and mind are quite different! This is very true on the personal level. Personal mind is for differentiating and separating, personal heart is for energizing and joining again. We can even point to the separate places in the body where we think of them as being. But as you go deeper, their relationship changes.

If you step back a little from their focal points, you discover your body is held and supported by a field of emotional energy. Some call this the ’emotional body’. The emotional field is supported by a mental field. (we can further differentiate layers but that’s not the point here) The personal mind field is supported by a deeper universal mind field and that in turn is supported by an even more inclusive mind. The one mind, we could say. And the one mind is supported by the one heart, the divine.

Thus while the mind may at first seem to hold the heart, it’s really the other way around. Without love, there is no mind.

Some speak of the crown chakra, the connection at the top of the head, as being the doorway to higher awareness and higher levels of existence. This is true. But it’s not the most direct route to source. Within the personal heart is the divine heart, deeper than any value of mind. For many people, this connection is hampered by a crust, fueled by the identity as other.

But as even the crust is That, it’s only an illusory partial covering. Thus, the flow is still there to be heard if we can learn to listen. It only takes a certain amount of surrender. Of releasing ideas of control.

To give you an example from my own life, I’ve recently had an area of life on pause. In the past, I would not have accepted this and would instead have spent a lot of time basically thrashing around trying to make it work. This of course just leads to suffering. Gradually, I’ve learned to listen. And sometimes the message is “wait” or “not yet”. For the ego that wants to be in control, this can be very frustrating. But it’s a great experience in learning to trust what is.

It also becomes obvious what needs to be done in the meantime. In my own life, I’ve made a great deal of progress in other areas and now it becomes clear that that was the necessary preparation for the next stage that is now arising. The message is now changing. And events are clearly corroborating it, shifting from a series of maybes to decide nows.

This process is also much clearer if you understand the cycle of growth and transformation. Disintegration, growth, integration, balance, and repeat.

Certainly, self effort remains important, but applied in a timely manner. There are times in life where we are called to move. And times when we are called to rest or prepare. If you can learn to listen, you will soon begin to hear that ‘still small voice’ get ever louder. When you can hear that, you will see it’s movements in the world around you and events will tend to make a lot more sense. Indeed, your life itself will make a lot more sense.

It’s much easier to be happy with life if we’re not fighting it.
Have fun

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