The cycle of growth and transformation is fascinating to explore.

Back on Digesting Genpo, I spoke about the way I describe the cycle of growth:
balance, disintegration, growth, integration,  and repeat

Genpo Roshi had described the cycle thus:
Raise the Boddhi mind, practice, liberation, nirvana, cast it away

A friend of mind is having an art show next month and described the Buddhist principle of transformation thus:
formation, sustaining, destroying, emptying

The start point of the sequence varies for each but the process is the same. I particularly like the Emptying idea. Another word for this is Allowing. See how it is parallel with growth? This is best illustrated in a table.

Genpo Buddhist
balance nirvana sustaining
disintegration cast it away destroying
growth Raise the Boddhi mind emptying
integration practice, liberation formation
repeat repeat

Of course, these terms are not exactly parallel. Formation could also be aligned with Growth, but manifestation happens in Formation so its more alike integration. But it gives you a sense of it.

Just like the saying that new will flow in when you release the old, growth happens after destruction. This is the way of all things.

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