Only Love

Only Love

Right after I wrote Moving today, I listened to a beautifully complementary talk that was centered on Love.

“Love that is emotional, sentimental, is human love, not pure Divine Love.”
“All creation is born out of Love.”
“Love is the only force there is.”
“Love is invincible. It destroys all negativity.”
“Love molds us… so we can experience what we are, which is pure love.”
“Even the Creator is a product of Love…”

He spoke of how suffering is a yellow light that we have strayed from the flow of love, the direction of nature. Unheeded, it becomes a red light.

This is the importance of learning to hear the voice of the heart, the voice of love.

And then, in the mail came this link.

The music is Pucinni’s O Mio Babbino Caro from the opera Gianni Schicchi. It’s story is that the boyfriends father has died, leaving everything to the monastery. His family thus refuses his marriage without a dowry. The daughter is begging her father to please let the marriage happen, lest she throw herself in the river. Dad makes things right for everyone.

The story of the animation has a different flow, a different enchantment. But each is a story of the flow of love.

The heart sings

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