What do you Create?

What do you Create?

In a discussion group, a new member said they had just watched the What the Bleep film and are looking forward to “consciously create my day“. She asked “What are your experiences with this? Have you been surprised, given a sign that was so unbelievably unexpected?” This is what came up.

Many people start with small stuff, like “signs” or finding a parking space. Then you can work your way up to the important stuff as your confidence builds. Others dive right in to the big stuff.

Thoughts don’t just affect your reality, they ARE your reality or a reflection thereof. If the quantum field is the ground state of reality and that arises in consciousness, your mind is the quantum field. This is much more literal than you may first be comfortable with. But if you understand and test it, you’ll find it true.

If you take the position that we create our world, you are already creating your day. So the key word here is consciously.

Becoming conscious or mindful of what you are adding to the equation. Observing how you are responding to ideas like “a good parking spot” helps fine tune it. Ken gave some examples of that – seeing doubt come up, second guessing. Learn to just have the idea and put it out there and see what happens. Keep it simple. Perhaps make a game of it, have fun with it as he suggested.

For the more important stuff, you will see both emotional stuff come up as well as beliefs, our programming. Our habits of mind. As long as they are running on automatic, they are the things creating your experience of your day. When you begin to see them consciously, you can choose new habits. Choose new outcomes.

The emotions stuff is key as that’s what powers it, it is the energy that makes it happen. If you are thinking positive but feeling badly about it or seeding doubt, you will thwart your own results.

Remarkably, it only takes a second of clear unobstructed energized thought to manifest. This can take some practice at first as we’ve been running on habit for a long time. But soon, we’ll have new habits that do this automatically.

The mind is the judge. It is always deciding right and wrong, good and bad. This is a useful tool but if we let it take over, it judges everything. To make itself right, it makes everything else wrong. If we see this dynamic happening, we know it’s just the mind. We can choose to ignore pointless judgment and making wrong. If we don’t give it emotional energy, it will soon wither.

We also have a tendency when we set goals to hold them too tightly, to be attached to them being a certain way. This gets in the way of it happening. Hold your goals lightly, don’t over-plan and only include necessary detail. You want to plant a seed and let it grow.

One very useful tool for both healing emotions and quieting the judge is Gratitude. Culturing an attitude of gratitude. Reminding yourself each day of things to be grateful for. When something good arises, taking a moment to feel grateful. Not making a mood of it, but feeling it for a moment. Over time, this shifts our whole tone and makes our attention much more powerful.

The field of action is mighty complex. The rules are simple but the play and interactions are unfathomable. Know the rules and let nature figure out the path.

It’s important to note the past. What we have done or thought in the past may still be working forward into our experience. Some of what you put out there will come quickly, some take a little longer. So there can be time lags – don’t give up just because it’s not instant. Everything in good time. As the backlog clears, it will get faster.

Another point on time. Stuff only and ever manifests right now. Never in the future. Think about them as now, not later or they remain later. If it’s not time yet, give your attention to what you can do now.

Finally, context. There is no me in all this. Consciousness is we, we’re in this together. What you put out as a person has an impact on you but also on everything else. Stuff happens always in context of we, what’s best for everyone concerned. If you keep that context in mind, you’ll get better results and some of what happens will make much more sense. It’s not about you so don’t take it personally. (laughs)

When we put it out there, how it comes back is often surprising. You have to stand open to what the universe returns, not hold to a specific form. If you can do that, it will often come back better than you could have dreamed.

What all of this begins to teach you is being OK with what is. Trusting that it’s going to be OK. Letting go of holding, of the need for it to be a certain way. Of being in context to the whole. That’s when the really good stuff opens to us.

The key is thus to get clear on what you want, put your passion behind it, let go of how it should come, and act towards it.

Get out of your own way and it’s amazing what shows up. Seers actually describe blessings “raining” down.

As for examples, it is my whole life. This is my reality. Dream job. Amazing relationship. Easy clearing of a massive debt when a business failed. Great friends and community. And a remarkable journey of self discovery. All problems in my life turned out to be problems of perception, how I was responding to what was. When I stopped bitching and looked, the gem sitting in front of me was revealed.

Some of my dreams came into my life, then left again. It’s become clear this is because we’re on an accelerated ‘schedule’ these days. You want this experience? Here it is. Next! As I’ve come to trust what the universe has to offer more, I’ve begun asking a lot less. Turns out what I wanted all along is not somewhere or someone else, it’s right here and now. When we learn to be fully present, we discover all the gifts are already here. We were just not seeing them in our busy looking elsewhere and elsewhen.

As a teacher recently wrote, when every day is a surprise you’ll know you’re doing well.

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  1. Ariel Bravy

    Hey Davidya, glad to hear you exploring this topic of conscious manifestation. A couple questions for ya.

    These questions stem from the mindset of either-or thinking, but still.. 🙂

    There’s the idea of believing your thoughts and knowing that they’re true. How does this fit in with not believing a thought you think to literally be true?

    Secondly, what about focusing on what arises versus focusing on what is eternal. “Flash is trash,” as you put it.

    Third, how does passion and emotion fit in with the deep peace of stillness? Are the two mutually exclusive or do we go back and forth between the two?

  2. Jacob

    Hi Davidya,

    Thanks for this post – it feels very timely for me. I know you touched on this, but sometimes I struggle to reconcile the ideas of consciously creating, while not actually being the doer of the action. I know this is just the mind struggling with seeming paradox, and that from a higher perspective there is no paradox, but on a day-to-day basis I feel that this idea of no doer might actually be holding me back a bit. I suppose this is the problem with intellectual understanding as opposed to a deeper knowing. Perhaps you could shed some light on this issue?


  3. Davidya

    Hi Ariel, Jacob
    Thanks for the feedback. Both of you raise the issue of changing perspectives. Our perspective shifts with our state of consciousness or the value of awareness we reflect. That changes how we perceive thoughts and such. The bigger answer though is a little large for comments, so I’ll do up another post on this.

  4. Davidya

    I go into this in some detail on the new post, but the main point here is that there is a paradox because it is not yet complete. You are the doer, the doing, and what is done. But to see that, you first have to loose all the ideas of a person having anything to do with it. (laughs) And all ideas of no doer. Ideas are mind, not being.

    It’s also not the same “You”. It may sometimes feel the same as they’re made of the same stuff, but the personal and the cosmic are as different as a grain of sand to the cosmos.

  5. Davidya

    The response arrived a little long winded with your questions towards the end. You identify it well here – issues that arise from apparent duality which arise from mind.

    You are seeing the same thing from 2 views of duality. The other 2 questions are about integration which I go into in the post.

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  8. Kaushik

    People have flocked to Intention-manifestation because it has the same appeal as fast food; it’s cheap, instant and fatty. It’s all about energizing desires.

    Still, I’m open to this. I don’t think I can honestly test this until I am able to have clear, unobstructed thoughts. That can only happen in unbidden Awareness.

    The fundamental problem is matching up what I want with what I think I want. I think intentions rise up like thoughts do, from association, memory and conditioning. However, there is one intention that cannot fail to match up. The intention to rise out of the delusion of mind—because at the root of every desire is the desire to be natural again. The intention to be natural again cannot fail to manifest.

    Nevertheless, your article is positive and convincing. I’ll try it. If nothing else, it will make me more aware of mind-stuff, and that’s what I’m really after anyway.

    Thanks for insight.

  9. Davidya

    Hi Kaushik
    Thanks for the thoughtful response. You’re quite right. Many are attracted to the ideas as a quick fix for what they are resisting, then wonder why it doesn’t work. Or they get absorbed in desires. This is a natural step in the process. In many cases, when people begin to get what they “want”, they soon discover what they’re looking for is something deeper.

    It’s also true that the mind builds illusions. Even deeper, that the world is built we could say in the mind of God. So it too is an illusion. Indeed everything we perceive is part of someones dream.

    But we live in that dream so the best thing we can do is learn how it works, how to optimize our experience and how to transcend it.

    When we fully transcend it, we discover it’s actually not a dream. In fact, it’s more real than we’ve every experienced. But not the real we once thought it to be.

    What each of us needs to make those openings is different. Find out what what works for you. If you find yourself resisting an idea, look into it. Find out what the resistance arises from. Perhaps it’s something to heed. Perhaps it’s something to be seen through. Some people grow dramatically playing with desires. Some people are caught by it. Either way, something is learned.

  10. Davidya

    BTW – be careful not to make mind wrong or bad. That’s just mind judging itself and is a trap in itself. Desires are not bad, its only how we related to them that causes problems. It is when you can step out of attachment and judgment that desires will loose their grip. Then many will simply fall away. What remains will be enriching.

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  14. Ken

    “In many cases, when people begin to get what they “want”, they soon discover what they’re looking for is something deeper.”

    All the evidence is contrary to this, e.g. “Income Inequality”.

    Actually, things are going in the other direction, i.e. spirituality is more and more sold as “fixing your mundane world”, rather than dropping your pointless desires.

  15. Hi Ken
    I’m not sure if you got the meaning of this old sentence.

    To use an example, say we have a desire for wealth. As we begin to get wealthy, it can often turn out that what we actually want is security. Or choice. Wealth may not actually bring that.

    I’m not saying we all get what we think we want. The article talks about why we get the results we do.

    As for spirituality, it’s not uncommon for some to downgrade the message to something people are willing to hear. One of the early sages who came to the states in the ’50’s to offer enlightenment was met with people looking to sleep better.

    This isn’t anything new.

    I would also suggest that desires are not pointless. They are the origin of all action. And action is necessary to maintain life. A spirituality that is inclusive of the “mundane world” is superior to one that suggests you abandon it, as I discuss in various articles here. Most of us are householders and can use practical advice.

    However, it’s certainly useful to become more conscious of what is driving us so we’re not chasing our tail. And there is certainly ample things that call themselves “spirituality” when it’s more about lifestyle.

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