A number of times here, I have written about Unity or Oneness, the end of all “states” of consciousness where we become consciousness Itself.

In The Journey – Part 3, I speak of reality being simply lively alert silence. In Stages of Waking, I speak of everything disappearing. I also mention the end of Identity. Over on Tom Stine’s blog, Tom speaks of no unique souls, simply one consciousness experiencing Itself as all beings. Evelyn and Bengt comment on unique souls with a sense of past.

We may also have read teachers speaking of Oneness in many different ways. Everyone is talking from their experience. So which is the real truth?

At its core, there is only silence. No consciousness of, no existence, nothing, emptiness. In that silence, we can also see an alert liveliness, a liveliness that is fullness. And in that liveliness arises apparent movement, a movement or flow that gives rise to all expression, as if in a thought or dream.

Which of this is real? It depends on how you are looking, what value of alertness you are using. Are you absorbed in the perception? Are you a separate witness to the process? Are you an actor in a play? Or are the observer and observed one and the same?

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What looks does not change, only how it looks. That aspect of looking is the key to understanding. If the only difference is how you look, what is the difference? Perspective alone.

What remains the same? What looks. That is all we have to discover. That is the entire story of enlightenment – learning about what looks and from where.

What we realize about what looks is that if it is unchanging and ever present, it is inclusive.

It includes everything – all perspectives, all time & space, all expressions, all beings. Indeed, our entire universe is but a pearl on a necklace in an infinite space that is within an even larger space, and so on.

There is no “correct” perspective. If we can experience it, it is an aspect of the One. We can look upon ourselves and see one consciousness flowing through all beings. We can look again and see all beings, each with a past, present and future and unique experience, all within the one. We can look again and see everyone and everything in a single moment of here and now. We can look again and see only what is before our eyes. We could say these are just different resolutions or levels of detail.

In the One, you are an individual expression, you are an expression of the whole, and you are the whole expressing through all individuals. You are the doer, the vessel of doing, and the creator. You are the seer and the seen. The free will and the determinism.

You are the silence and light, you are the evil and darkness. You are life itself, moving in all things.

There is no paradox. It is inclusiveness itself. And we are That.

When you first step into Oneness, this can be odd. We are used to being this or that, seeing it one way or another. But soon you see it is all, all at once. This is the integration of Unity, the dissolution of the personal.

Everything is a dream, but its all true. (laughs)

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  1. As I commented over on Bengt’s blog, to understand Inclusive, we have to step out of personal mind. It is, as Bucky Fuller said, Special Case, one thing at a time. It cannot comprehend inclusive. For that we have to connect more deeply.

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