On the Origin of Experience and Form, Part 3

On the Origin of Experience and Form, Part 3

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One important detail in all this is Perspective. Many people discussing consciousness and worldviews talk about the highest truth or the ultimate state of consciousness. But in consciousness there is no highest or ultimate. There is no best or right perspective. Rather it is inclusive.

As our relationship with consciousness evolves, so too does our world view. We see this in children as they grow to maturity. What is does not change but how we perceive it does. Whenever we are talking about something as ‘truth’ we first have to look to whom it is true. And is this an intellectual idea or something about what is?

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As people’s awareness expands, they will tend to classify new experiences as “other”. Other worlds, others levels of reality, other planes of existence and so forth. People speak of other dimensions, higher frequencies and so on. These are understandings developed from looking out from inside. When you are able to step out and look in, there is only one space in one consciousness. There is simply different ways of seeing and different levels of resolution or detail. All levels or worlds are in the same space and time, concurrently.

And now we come to how things come to be. I mentioned about awareness becoming aware of itself and the process of experience forming. There is a great deal more detail and values we can get into here but this is detail that has no terminology we can use to explain it. Suffice to say, we live in a very big place and the dynamics of the higher values are reflected at each subsequent value.

Due to the principle of As Above, So Below, we can jump ahead to our Universe and start from a more describable place.

There are many names for the ground state, the starting point of local expression: vacuum state, zero point, the ocean of existence. It is a field of limitless possibility, within the local context. But it remains possibility.

What happens next can be described a few ways. The universe exists within an awareness bubble. Awareness or attention causes the principle of liveliness to express. Awareness moving is a kind of directed attention, what some would call intention or intelligence.

This intention causes a few things to happen. The intention is reflected or mirrored, creating what might be called an environment or context. It’s also a form of illusion or maya. It causes the field or ocean to stir in vibration. This affects the ‘mirror’ so changes the qualities of the reflection. It’s possible to go into considerable detail in the interactions – the rising of the gunas, fundamental elements (classes of atomic element) and so forth. But I’ll stay on the general process.

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