A few times recently, people have asked about or commented on my apparent confidence in statements I make here. Some of the terminology I’ve come to use is unique, so I may sound like yet another voice with yet another truth.

This is not the intention and I want to be clear where I am coming from. I don’t expect you to believe any of this. I am simply sharing some insights in the hope it may bring some light for you and open you a little more to your own truth.

“Rule #1. Don’t believe me. But learn to listen…what I’m telling you is just a story… it is true just for me.”
— Don Miguel Ruiz

Some of the words I use because they are simply clearer than other more common words that are more loosely used. Buckminster Fuller was more extreme here, even inventing some words for precision.

Secondly, my confidence is because I am describing what is real, to me. And its a reality that works, that explains pretty much everything – however pointless that may be. (laughs)  While it is my intellectual position, it is not a statement of beliefs so much as experience. Much of it arises from deep within, then is processed by the brain. I have given these ideas a lot of attention over a very long time.

“When you experience something, you do not have to believe in it any longer; it’s not a matter of belief but a matter of experience.”
— Matthew Fox, Ph.D.

That said, I also clearly recognize that I am evolving and what is real is evolving too. I regularly talk about this process for me, such as some of the recent stuff on Inclusiveness.

This is my position on truth and perspective.

There is one truth, but there is many ways of seeing that truth. As a human, I can see greater and greater values of that but not perceive all of it at once. One can be all of it but not perceive all of it. The highest truth cannot be perceived at all. Thus I fully recognize that this writing is only one perspective of the one reality. This part of the whole.

As we grow and evolve, we step through a series of perspectives or world views. Our perspective of reality thus shifts and evolves along with our perception. We have a unique perspective and it is changing and expanding. Mine too. And it always will.

I am simply another voice of the One, with another perspective on what is. Take what is of value and leave the rest.

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  1. I like it when a blogger is confident but not overbearing. It is easy to tell! An air of confidence lets me know that this blogger knows and believes in what he or she is saying. I certainly would not want to read content from a writer who does not have that much of an opinion or perspective. I may or may not agree with what is written but it helps me to challenge my own. There is no right or wrong; but just an observation of how perspectives can be different.

    In a nutshell, I have no problems with the way you write. I enjoy authenticity and truth! Keep up the good work!

  2. Ariel Bravy

    Hey Davidya,

    I really like what you said about there being one truth, but many ways of seeing that truth.

    Do you feel that there’s no way to encounter the highest truth in any way?

  3. Davidya

    Hi Ariel
    Thanks for coming by.
    There is certainly a way to come to the highest truth as we are That. But the highest truth is beyond expression so there is nothing to experience. We thus cannot experience it but we can BE it.

    At first, we may simply experience a blank spot, perhaps punctuated by a wave of bliss as our awareness shifts back to expression. (bliss is the fine vibration on the boundary of silence) Gradually as it gets clearer, we see we are That. We become the observer. Then we are awareness aware of awareness aware of itself.

    We cannot experience ourselves observing, but we can notice it. Its a subtle point, but just consider how do you experience the experiencer? You simply are that.

  4. Davidya

    Ariel – over on Tom’s blog, you asked about Hawkins. I’ve commented on him briefly here a few times. (if you search) I was initially fascinated by his model of levels and its reasonable correspondence to other models of consciousness. The top end was weak and a couple a little off, but it was interesting. Then I saw how it was being applied and the issues it raised. Then his rating of other teachers. And then some about his rigidity. So my opinion of him has been sliding. I talked about why on Toms post.

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