Tom Stine just posted a great article on the Sedona Method. This is a technique for emotional clearing I’ve heard about for years but never heard summarized so well. It also says a lot about Tom, too.

From my perspective, a practice of effortless meditation is a key part of any process of growth. Partly as it teaches us opening and allowing. And partly because it reconnects us with source, with our true nature. However, because of the habits of mind cultured in the west, it may be necessary to make the allowing process more conscious, particularly around emotions. We are not typically taught to express all of our feelings in natural way but rather repress them or subvert them. The result is baggage, suffering, and health issues.

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For myself, the process of release came through the “gratitude rock” idea in The Secret and an excellent and supportive spiritual “church”. I go into this in more detail over on Clearing the Heart.

The 4 Wants Tom mentions as the root of all emotions are all ego driven, except the desire for Oneness. Approval and control revolve around the need to be right. Security and safety needs arise from the sense of separation and disconnection with source. The fear at the root of the core identity. And the desire for separation is the natural ego sense, part of the process of moving away from oneness to express our uniqueness and then remerge again.

Anger is almost always rooted in fear. Some small waves may not be but any held anger, anything invested is a fear response.
“In Depression is Anger, In Anger is Fear, In Fear is a Hurt.”
— Rev. Austin Hennessey

As I mention elsewhere, there is only fullness and resistance to fullness. Nothing else. So its a simple question to ask which anything is. There can sometimes be a mixture, so you have to see what is resistance in the way of fullness. Sometimes even fullness uses resistance to channel the flow. But if we see tht clearly, the resistance is no longer needed. All of life then comes down to a process of allowing. If we are opening or if we are releasing, both are a process of allowing.

That is the key to growth, whatever stage in the cycle were at – releasing, changing, integrating, or settling.

Tom didn’t mention that Hawkin’s drew his levels model of Power vs Force from Sedona’s founder. I can see why so many people like Sedona.


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