Do it, Please

Do it, Please

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In Stumbling towards Ecstasy, I spoke about the restlessness in the air. Its become clearer What’s Up. Basically, each of us is faced with a choice. We can do the work, clear our baggage and contribute to the awakening thats underway. Work towards what Eckhart Tolle calls our purpose here. Or we can not do the work and hold our baggage against the awakening.

What we’re saying today is that you’re either part of the solution or you’re part of the problem.
— Eldridge Cleaver

The trick is, the world is waking, like it or not. We are in this together, so you cannot avoid being part of the process. Whats happening now is that consciousness itself is moving what has been submerged or hidden to the surface, less gradually now. The restlessness is the surfacing of submerged fear, gradually becoming more conscious.

The fear is of course old ego stuff, insecurity born of separation from source. It is born of the illusion, the dream of being other. It stays with us as we’ve been unwilling or unable to experience it. All we have to do is be willing to be with it as it is. If we fight it or resist it, it will carry with us, but now as a growing shadow. If we simply allow and experience it, it will pass from us and the group and be resolved.

It comes down to the choice each of us have. Do we do the work of connecting with source and clearing the heart? Or do we wait for consciousness to bring it to us? In other words, do we contribute to the change or be forced to change? Doing the work may not be easy but I can promise you its a lot easier than having it brought to you. Lessons that life brings us are rarely easier and sometimes quite a bit harder when we have catching up to do.

If you’ve been on the fence about doing it or have not been doing it lately, now would be a good time. A REALLY good time. The more that are actively doing the work, the smoother the change will be for all of us.


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  1. Louise

    I’m working on it and that sense for the need to awaken came to me naturally, through conscious awareness or spirit, but I knew, intuitively, it was time to get serious and look for truth. That quest has taken me down many paths that all point to the same truth. On my journey, I share particularly wonderful insights or messages from others with friends and family and, thus, it’s a collective awakening. The political climate in America is changing in a dramatic way — inclusion — which is going to help all peoples. The Earth is changing daily as well, with daily occurrence/s somewhere in the world of weather change or catastrophe brought by weather. Today it is flooding in Wisconsin. A paradox of both excitement and fear, it seems the rumblings have begun.

  2. Shilpan |

    David –

    Wonderful post. The change happens everyday. We lose our body cells every day. Nature itself flows in rhythm with the super natural. Letting go what we’ve held – old worries, ego, emotions etc. accentuates our journey with the flow.


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