Fullness and Resistance

Fullness and Resistance

In recent explorations of the human growth and development cycle, it became apparent to me that each stage of the growth spiral requires a release. A letting go.

Letting go of the group to become the individual, letting go of dependency to become self-responsible, letting go of individuality to rejoin the whole. This cycle is reflected at various stages, such as the child letting go of the mother and the teenager breaking away from parents.

Thus, the growth cycle is about defining who we are uniquely, then rejoining the whole.

Soon, it becomes apparent that everything is either fullness or resistance to fullness. Release or stress. Flow or the karmic wheel.

From that perspective, its notable that the first stage of growth is then essentially resistance to resistance. (laughs) Resistance to individuality, to boundaries. But without that step, we can’t become defined and play our role in the expression of fullness.

In the lila of Love and resistance to love…

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  1. Davidya,

    Great post. I always feel that I, as an individual, is part of a greater soul. I am a drop in an ocean. Ocean will have tides and it will recede no matter a drop goes against it or not. Why resist then ? I’ve found peace and harmony by flowing with the tide. I am feeling part of the greatness that exists all around me.


  2. Davidya


    Thanks. I like to think more we are a wave on the ocean. The greater soul or ‘paramatma’ or ‘purusha’ moves through us to create the world. Yes, ocean will have tides and will move. And how can we possibly resist that which we are? (laughs)

    You are more than a part of the greatness, you are the greatness itself. It is only for you to allow enough and you will discover it to be true 😉

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