LuciaLorn Retreats

LuciaLorn Retreats

Luica & LornI have occasionally written about retreats with Lorn & Lucia Hoff. I’ve been attending them for over a dozen years. Since just before I started this blog, actually. Watching and speaking to people going through stage changes there has heavily informed my writing.

They normally held them at a rural lodge where I had my first BATGAP interview.

I’ve been low key about them partly because the retreats are limited to about 2 dozen people and typically have a waiting list well in advance. People travel from all over the world to an island off the coast of western Canada. I live up-island from there.

However, circumstances have changed. In February, we tested live-streaming the retreats so others could connect remotely. And then the world changed and in March, the retreats went virtual.

This makes them much less expensive. The group presence on-line surprised me. Everyone gets the direct gaze, not just who he’s speaking with. With typically over half attending already awake, the collective is always potent.

It’s a marvelous opportunity for those on a limited budget.

I mention this largely because some have spoken of wanting to come but not being able to afford it.

That said, there are a few caveats:
– these are not for the curious but for serious seekers
– there are a few requirements, like being a regular listener to the free weekly webcasts and listening to some prior recordings that others have woken to. If you don’t relate to Lorn’s approach there, a retreat will not change that.
– this isn’t a social event, it’s very inner directed. Many in the group have become close in going through profound changes together. But there’s less social on-line.
– retreating from home means having the space to do that and not get disrupted for the weekend.
– it requires the discipline to be with the restful program and step out of your usual habits, media, and devices. There is little benefit if you just maintain the same old and listen to some talks.
– it’s run on a Pacific time zone schedule. If you live a significant E-W distance away, you’ll need to consider how flexible you are about an odd schedule for a few days.

If you relate to their approach, it is a wonderful opportunity. At the moment, the May retreat is full, but there is space in June and August. The on-line retreats are larger, but they’re still keeping numbers modest so people can get some personal attention. (The other DSS retreats are only for the clearly awake who have already been on their retreats and are on that program.)

It remains to be seen if they continue on-line after that or return to the lodge.

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  1. Ray

    Thank-you, David. I had missed that they were offering them online, so this is timely news. I was signed up to attend last fall, but had to cancel. Hope to see you online in June.

    1. Hi Ray
      You’re welcome. They have not announced it yet as they’ve been busy converting all the old registrations to the new scenario.
      I well imagine they’ll be full when regular listeners and prior retreat participants find out.
      See you then!

  2. George Robinson

    So many fantastic opportunities waiting for me in the next life! Then, I won’t be so old, stupid or encumbered as now. I can’t wait, and I’ll add these retreats to the list. Until then, the purchased download series and the weekly Sunday talks will have to do. Gotta love LuciaLorn…I sure do! Thanks for the info, D.

  3. Paul Whetstone

    Hi Davidya
    Thank you so, so much for this information. My wife and I just registered for the June and August online retreats.
    We love Lorn and listen to his weekly webcasts every week.
    We requested last year if there might be online retreats and our wish has come true.
    Love and best wishes,

    1. Lovely, Paul.
      The tech has been in place to live-stream the retreats for awhile, but it is another layer of complexity tech-wise and they had concerns about being able to support non-local participants.
      Each retreat has it’s own group consciousness that compiles as everyone’s attention moves towards the event. The integrity of that is important for spiritual benefits. So you want a setup that supports this. 🙂

  4. Kerri Heffernan

    I’ve listened to Lorn on several occasions since your suggestion. The online retreat may make possible for me to go a step further. I never considered a retreat with them prior because of where I am located. Awesome news. Thank you.

  5. I understand the online retreats are all full now as well as the scheduled retreats to the end of the year. If you’re on the waiting list, there is sometimes cancellations but the wait lists can get long too.
    If the online retreats are extended into the fall, they’re a bit larger so that could open up some spots.

  6. Deborah

    The retreats are filling up. I will miss the presence of other retreatants in the same room….however, the shift is all to individual responsibility while we all practice staying home for the collective.
    Thank you for the nudge, as I got in for August…a long way off now! I agree there was power in everyone meeting Lorn’s gaze at the same time. There is something even more important for me , when I have the opportunity to watch someone wake up…I feel a shift in me also…and genuine happiness for that person…since it’s really all a part of each of us.
    Feel sad, and concern, for the owners of kiwi lodge…such wonderful hosts.

  7. I’ve been listening to Lorn for many years now, and still was unaware of these recent online offerings! Thanks for this post as I was able to get my wife and I in on the June/Aug retreats. I would signup every month if it were possible.

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