Client Breakthrough Summit

Client Breakthrough Summit

Georgette Star MA, D.Min. invited me to speak on the Client Breakthrough Summit, an on-line conference for practitioners, coaches, and healers. The conference is to help practitioners upgrade their knowledge to further support their clients.

The conference has 4 tracks, one of which is on understanding the awakening process. Georgette felt I could bring a bigger picture to the subject and can talk about the role healing plays too. It is an interview format.

Many people in this arena have a more generalized understanding of spiritual unfoldment. We may think of awakening as a personal goal, an enriched understanding, or a single shift in perspective. While these are valuable, they don’t come close to Our Natural Potential.

We spoke of the stages, healing, practice, the current world scenario, and more.

Rick Archer of Buddha at the Gas Pump is also speaking on the same track. I’m not familiar with the other speakers. Their talks cover wealth, presence, self-care, power, and more.

The Summit itself is free if you watch when the talks are posted on the schedule. The Summit also offers an ‘All Access Pass’ to all the content during and after the events. 50% of the proceeds for the latter will benefit The Empowerment Collective.

The Schedule and Registration are here:
Client Breakthrough Summit April 22 – May 5, 2020. My conversation is scheduled for May 3

Update: The interview is now posted here.

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    1. John R

      Hi David –
      Rick Archer posted a link to the Summit website on his Batgap Facebook page earlier today, and I caught your interview this evening. Great stuff (Cosmically speaking) as always!

  1. Lew

    Good interview. Your interviewer seemed very nice. Of course brought up.a slew of questions.. Probably wait till it’s posted but here’one…. Has Dr. Tony Nader ever set up an awakening conference with the TM orgsnization… It might be quite helpful for practitioners who may be having the experiences discussed… Scientifically are there any significant transformations that can be verified due to the expansion of concsciosness? Since Maharishi delineated the 7 states it would be helpful to add some meat on to the bones of the general outline he laid out… esp. from practitioners …Don’t know if these are discussions you may have had with him but the psychology of enlightenment is certainly an area of discourse that the TM movement should look into. What came it of your interview I felt, would nicely fit in as a useful adjunct to information available to those practicing TM… PS… When it comes to psychotherapy it is true that curing trauma is related to the person or the “me” … but early on the goal is to try to bring immediate relief from trauma where the persons blame themselves… From getting grounded and feeling better they could then move on to release… A lot has been done with Buddhism and psychology but very little that I know of with Hinduism… I haven’t heard of those who combine a TH form of meditation and psychology/ Psychotherapy Your thoughts…

  2. Thanks, Lew
    They have experience meetings in the dome on IA but the majority of people supporting them are not qualified for the job. However, there are people within the org who are very awake and working to change that. Some areas do have experience meetings that are properly supported.
    So far, they can verify witnessing sleep. The delta EEG of sleep is overlaid with alpha of wakefulness. However, they have a concept that witnessing sleep means Cosmic Consciousness but it doesn’t necessarily.
    They are doing a research project on higher states at the moment but I don’t know details.
    While I agree, there are traditionalists who view the 7 states as “the teaching” rather than as a model. Maharishi evolved the model over the years, then abandoned it. But it’s now held a little too rigidly.
    Buddhism became very popular in California where a lot of free-thinking psychologists were. That has led to some practical applications but i don’t have expertise there.
    At some point, Maharishi rejected Western psychology as too negative so development there dissipated.

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