The Kavach

The Kavach

Kavach is a Sanskrit word that means armor. It refers to protection from subtle negative influences. If you read about it on-line, you’ll find many references to a medallion or amulet with astrological symbols, numbers, or mantras chosen to protect the specific wearer.

However, what value does an engraved piece of metal have against anything subtle?

The texts prescribe that the item has to be properly “charged” by a person properly prepared. For example, they’re supposed to have a strong Jupiter and be spiritually developed. How do you verify that through an on-line store? It’s also worth noting the original texts were written in the dark age.

Similarly, Jyotishi’s (Vedic Astrologers) may prescribe gemstones or other remedies for difficult influences. But I’ve seen those prescribed incorrectly. They amplified the problem rather than reduced it. Not to mention the expense of gems potent enough to be useful.

Other texts suggest mantras or a yantra as protection. This would only be as potent as the user can charge it. And there is the simple principle that what we put our attention on grows stronger. If we devote ourselves to protection against evil, we may be putting attention on what we don’t want. Withdrawing our attention may be more powerful. This is why I talk more of culturing gratitude than being safe.

I can certainly see that some people may need a little help with energetic issues. But in that case, it’s useful to consult an expert and have them work on the specific issue rather than use a generic symbol.

In the Vedas, they talk of “mother is at home,” an inner sense of safety and security from developing inner being. When we know our infinite and eternal nature, many fears fall away.

As we develop in consciousness, a real kavach develops naturally. As we defuse our buttons and untangle our contractions, we remove weak points that can be manipulated and reactivity that can get us caught further. We come to radiate an inner light that is poison to darker influences. Love dissolves the hardest crusts.

In other words, a kavach grows gradually and naturally as we do. When the inner koshas can shine up through the grosser ones, we’ll have a safety impossible with an amulet.

Having a kavach does not avoid karmic consequences. But when they arise, they come without a lot of entanglement. They are thus simpler and quicker with less drama. Life becomes smoother and more enjoyable.

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    1. Yes. Generally, Maharishi talked about it in the context of community invincibility and having large numbers together to produce it.

      In this context, there is the 1% effect, the later Superradience or Maharishi effect (sq root of 1%) and what might be called the Enlightenment effect. The first requires 1% of a community to be meditating. The second requires a much smaller group but doing advanced programs in a group. And the third is about a proportionally smaller group of the very awake being together.

      But these produce a calming effect – it’s not quite invincibility. That takes another step forward, perhaps as the article describes.

      1. G

        What would be the formula for the third type, the Enlightenment effect. The sq root of the sq root of 1%?

        That would be about 94 together in a group for the current world population of 7.6 billion 🙂

        1. The specific number would depend on the clarity and embodiment of the members of the group. Lorne Hoff has mentioned a group of 20 in Unity plus just sitting together would have a profound effect on the world.

          The largest gathering I’ve been in had 8 and that was pretty potent.

          If members of that group also know advanced samyama and related skills and/or were embodying Divinity – even better.

          We’re gradually moving towards that. Am looking forward to seeing what it looks like.

          1. G

            Yes interesting. When you consider that the world population is projected to grow to about 10-12 billion (depending on which estimate you look at) before starting to decline again. If you take the maximum of 12 billion, the calculation for that group using the above formula would be 105 people which is very close to the 108 figure.

  1. K

    Talking about drama. I was pleased recently at having released 2 difficult situations from my past – I just went back and apologized for something I did decades ago. The person was kind and I felt that I could release myself. So – I was feeling good – that I am making progress and that presence can shine through. However, inadvertently I am putting my foot into things and generating minor conflicts – without intending to. For e.g., I critiqued a PhD student’s research and ended up really annoying her advisor who became very upset and retaliated against my student (such is academia :-)). It was not my intent to hurt the advisor nor generate conflict. Other minor things are leading into unforeseen conflicts. Also, I had stopped being reactive for a while and now am reactive again. I was hoping that with increasing presence, these sorts of things would be rare. I feel that ever since, I resolved the past, I seem to have hit minor turbulence in the present. What gives? Perhaps I should intensify my practice? Thank you

    1. Hi K

      Well – there’s layers and layers of it. We resolve one thing and something new shows up to push our buttons. The difference is recognizing our reactivity comes from us rather than the circumstances and learning how to recognize the charge and resolve it.

      While you can apologize for past events – it can sometimes be very appropriate to do so – our healing is not dependent on if the other person accepts the apology or not. That’s their responsibility.

      In the case of the advisor, if your critique was valid, thats the advisors issue. You don’t need to make it yours. That they felt it appropriate to retaliate against the student indicates issues with power.

      It can perhaps be useful to mention to the student this was not your intent. It can be a useful learning experience for them. But yes, skill in concepts doesn’t give someone skill in interpersonal relationships or handling their own charges.

      You can’t prevent others from having their own issues. You can only be as honest and in integrity as you can.

      Ironically, increased presence itself can sometimes be a trigger for others as it can cause purification. But thats more typical when awakening is more advanced.

      Turbulence won’t go away. The ocean continues to move. What will fade is your own reactivity to the turbulence and thus the consequences of it. Whatever arises is quickly resolved. The past stays in the past.

      And no, more practice will tend to increase purification. You want moderate practice, then bleaching the cloth and integration in activity.

      Mind has a strong thing of seeing things as wrong and wanting the answers to fix it. It takes time to let that go.

    2. Amaryllis

      Hi K,

      I had exactly the same experience a couple of years back. David’s reply is a nuanced and perfect explanation of the mechanics of what I experienced.

      The only thing I will add is my personal experience, which may or may not resonate with your own situation.

      It wasn’t until I saw how my (subconscious at the time) expectation that others behave the way I thought they should was driving my resistance to what they were actually doing/saying, that I have been able to get free of the cycle of cause and effect in situations like the one you describe. I discovered that even the slightest hint of me wanting to control the outcome of something seemed to generate ripples in a way that acting without wanting to control the outcome, doesn’t… From where I’m sitting, it’s marvellously mysterious!

      1. Beautifully described, Amaryllis. i call this the “shoulds” and “musts” and they are indeed more subtle than the charges. We usually resolve some of the charges before this can become conscious.

        The Bhagavad Gita describes how we first notice after the fact. Then we begin noticing during. And finally, we notice when the impulse first arises. Then we really have choice and can let go of those old expectations.

      2. K

        Amaryllis thank you for pointing this out. I am indeed full of expectation that people should or should not behave in certain ways.It is almost automatic at my stage. I will try to pay attention and hopefully this will help loosen the grip.

        1. This is very typical. All you need do is notice. With that, you’ll begin to see through the judgements as false or excessive and stop believing them. Then they loose their influence and fade.

          But just as you judge others, at first you’ll judge yourself and your judgements too. Allow that also. 🙂

  2. Carl Smuda

    So in March of 2016 we had a severe shift in everything in our life, marriage, and family. it involved a sequence of uncontrollable events involving where we lived that ended with moving four times in seven months. It left us – me – realizing how helpless we are. I then found out about Saturn influence and the like. Turns out I have a Sade Sati that starts 01/25/2020. And I’m dealing with a Rahu subperiod and the like. I’ve spent for jyotish readings and advise. I’ve got suggested mantras and activities; I’ve been starting to develop a relationship with Shri Shani. But my TM program hasn’t been stable since this all started last march. I feel really thrown around. I want the “Ma is at home” feeling back.

    1. Hi Carl
      I can relate. I had a round like that about 12 years ago. In retrospect, it was setting the stage for awakening.

      The sense of helpless relates to the desire for control. If we can ease up on our need for control, we find out everything is just fine. And in fact, if we get out of the way, things get much smoother. Of course, this is much easier from a detached witness than an entrenched ego. 🙂
      Major change can also cause a grief response, which we need time to heal.

      It depends on your chart layout as to where things are felt the most. Periods like that can be ideally spent in more inner directed activity but it depends a bit. Rahu also brings good karma like fame. For example, when Rahu crossed my ascendant a couple of years ago is when SAND, the BATGAP interview and Sophia happened.

      Just remember that Ma isn’t going to be found (so easily) within the events and changes. She rests beyond all that. You may find a retreat or similar is called for.

      As for Sade Sati, remember that we all have this about every 29 years. You can consider when this last happened. Clearly you came through just fine. Some people are even born with it ongoing, Saturn and Moon together.

      Life is all in cycles. Sometimes it is a time to sow, a time to reap, or a time to be fallow.

      1. K

        I had a tumultous period with Lord Shani a little while ago. Everything fell apart and had to be put back together differently. There may have been other planetary influences too – I don’t follow this closely – it is just that my parents told me at the end of a very difficulty stretch that my period with Lord Shani ended. While I was growing up, I would not have believed this but now I have a different perspective. What I would say now is this “Lord Shani is a great planet of great wisdom”. Wisdom is hard won and not easily found and hence he is our friend. I actually felt as such when I visited a small shrine dedicated to him specifically in a Shiva temple. I know of at least one person who felt bad when their period with the influence of Shani ended because they felt they were gaining something in knowledge and perspective which could not be easily obtained otherwise.

        1. Hi K
          It depends on a number of factors as to how such things influence us. For some it is barely noticeable. But some have a much stronger influence and the cycles of Saturn are very obvious.

          But agreed, the net result makes us stronger, wiser, and more responsible. Shani can also be a key factor in awakening.

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