An Avatar of the People

An Avatar of the People

On a recent retreat with Lorne and Lucia, we discussed the embodiment of divinity. They observed that nobody alive today fully embodies Divinity. If they did, we’d be in a different age.

Lucia mentioned Kalki (an avatar) as a collective. That triggered an understanding here.

To explain, you may recall an article from 2014 called The Second Stage where I was observing a new stage of development in consciousness or the collective.

The first stage is when a law of nature that had long been dormant is awakened by a human capable of living it. They can embody that law and thus they awaken it. It becomes functional in our universe.

The second stage is when that now awakened law integrates with other laws into new relationships within that one being (cosmically). This synthesis leads to higher forms of expression.

As we’re describing the laws that underlie all form and experience, this is fundamental and will lead to both quick and gradual changes in the whole.

What’s new is the third stage. This is another stage of integration when those now awake and integrated laws sync in a still larger way into a collective of the humans that support them (again cosmically). I touched on this last year here. But now I see the mechanics more deeply.

Why is this significant?

Let’s consider the Kala model of development. It rates development based on the embodiment of gifts and abilities. Humans are typically about 4-5 but can reach a maximum about 8 on a 16 step scale. Only avatars can go higher and possibly embody all gifts. An avatar affects the entire group consciousness and thus the experience and quality of life of everyone alive.

The difference here is that when people who are embodying gifts come together and integrate those gifts, collectively they can have the effect of an avatar. A synergy greater than the sum of the parts.

This is how golden ages are sustained and how we’ll again bring divinity to earth. Not through a saviour that comes and goes but through small groups of very awake people who can embody laws together and thus support the fundamental principles in our universe.

They’d be supported by many others who are clearly awake and keeping the peace.

I’ve seen people describe the 16 key gifts that the avatar Krishna (16/16) had, mentioned in comments on the Kala model article.

But I’ve also seen mention of 64 gifts. That would be 4 for each kala and also corresponds to the full Sanskrit alphabet, the language the laws of nature use to create the world.

Some of this is conjecture as the third stage has not yet unfolded. But it is active in awareness now so it is underway. We’ll see what the actuality looks like.

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  1. Jim

    Thanks David – Really enjoyable post. How I would describe what is going on now with some humans is Divine alignment or even Divine management. Relationships with the Divine within the cosmic body, and in that sense, “embodiment”, though still from a human-centric standpoint.

    Also, the multiplier effect that comes from working with the Divine, is through the appreciation of the very subtle yet specific impulses of Divine beings.

    Once we are able to align our frequency with theirs, it allows for substantial cooperative ventures for the good of the world. Unlike the mystical and rare descriptions in the past, the world of Divine beings is actually legion, unlimited, practically endless – enough to accomplish almost anything. Such functioning can be done independent of any other human interaction.

    I agree with the Kalki avatar manifestation, though no gross acknowledgement or coordination of same need take place, as it is purely a natural process of Divine expression, and will come about as the individual innocent desires of several humans sync up.

    Yeah, all of this is happening quietly, and there is no need for any of us to continue being other than what we already are, humans. 🙂

    1. Amaryllis

      “Yeah, all of this is happening quietly, and there is no need for any of us to continue being other than what we already are, humans. ”

      Beautiful Jim 🙂 {And a blessed relief!}

  2. Jim

    Thanks David – When I first read in your posts about the embodiment of the Divine, it took some unpacking to recognize what you were speaking about. Sort of like the principle that para-Brahman occurs beyond consciousness. While this is necessarily true, it takes a bit to figure out how this is possible, even while we directly experience it.

    These current experiences are far more natural and understandable than they have been fancifully described in the past.

    1. Yes, how another uses language for it often takes a bit of “translation.” There can be subjective variation too.

      Not to mention, after the shifts there often isn’t language for it. If someone isn’t actively engaged in talking or writing about it, there can be no need to put it into language. It simply is what it is.

  3. Thor Hansen

    I wonder about the following:
    “On a recent retreat with Lorne and Lucia, we discussed the embodiment of divinity. They observed that nobody alive today fully embodies Divinity. If they did, we’d be in a different age.”
    How do they know?
    What about Amma ji – – and
    Karunamaji –
    for example?
    What about the present Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math:
    His Holiness Swami Vasudevanand Saraswati, Bhagawan Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math

    1. Hi Thor
      History is one way they know. And the current experience of humanity. If there was a full embodiment, it would purge the world of darkness. Consider Krishna, for example. There are the events of the battle of Kurukshetra. And the world fell into the dark age after he left.

      This is not to dismiss the quality of such people. There are remarkable beings who are alive today. Some can be called living embodiments of truth.

      But none are a totality of embodiment. I’m not sure that would even be a good idea. Better we turn the knob up gradually so the process is smoother.

      Wake lots of people up. Move some into advanced stages. Awaken new laws of nature. Integrate them with existing laws, then integrate the integrations. Give everything time to heal…

      We live in remarkable times. How the light will unfold will be remarkable to watch.

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