Beyond Experience

While settling into a deep samadhi or transcendence with a silent mind and very still breath could be called “beyond experience”, the dynamics of consciousness are still very much at play.

Much more deeply, when we transcend the dynamics of consciousness into Brahman, we can move into a placeless place beyond experience, yet still simultaneously use the dynamics of consciousness to experience the world.

Brahman is known only by Brahman. It contains the seeds of consciousness – alertness and liveliness – and can be said to be conscious, but it doesn’t use the dynamics of consciousness to know itself.

There are no objects to experience as nothing has ever been created. No separate observer, it has long since merged in Unity. No process of experience produced by the laws of nature. They too have merged. And yet experience of the world continues, within the tapestry of consciousness.

We could say there is that pure value of simple experiencing of the world, inherited from developed Unity. But the deeper known reality sees through even that.

Pure Divinity is a stage more subtle than Brahman. Even Brahman cannot know the divine. Only divinity can know itself. From this value it is the flow of shaktis that enliven what is to be known.

Those shaktis give rise to the process of experience and the specific laws of nature in consciousness. But in pure divinity, they are simply, profoundly networked.

It turns out that all creations, including the vastness of our own containing many universes and innumerable beings are failed attempts of consciousness attempting to embody some aspect of pure divinity. Pure divinity is beyond all of that.

And yet, we are and nothing is anything but pure divinity.

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    D, you say that Brahman is known only by Brahman. I realize that it’s also true that Brahman knows only Brahman.

    As for pure Divinity, I see it smiling at the idea of failed attempts of anything or anyone. (-:

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