Threads of Divinity

Threads of Divinity

It is highly paradoxical to describe anything in Brahman stage. How do you describe a nothing that is simultaneously everything? That nothing is created but it’s all lived?

From a Brahman perspective, the world is uncreated. Rather than a play of sensory data, Brahman can only be known by and as itself.

But the divine post-Brahman stage – that’s another step more so. Beyond consciousness, it takes the divine to know the divine. Even Brahman cannot know pure divinity. The divine is known without a knower as it is pure all-knowing. It is completely self-contained.

Even though it creates nothing, everything we experience is that.

When we previously became familiar with the mind of God, it became clear that the entirety of creation – all the universes and their innumerable beings – is but a brief musing, a passing thought. The idea arises but nothing more.

Pure divinity is boundless. In that totality of knowing, we find what might be called uncreated threads of connection that allow the experience of that musing from a vast array of perspectives (all those beings) simultaneously. Each thread draws a nuance out of wholeness for the totality of knowing.

This musing could be said to create a side effect of Brahman being conscious. And that becomes self-aware, leading to the apparent self-interacting dynamics of consciousness.

Self-aware consciousness has the effect of weaving a tapestry out of those threads of divinity, creating the appearance of creation. Uncreated, yet here.

To use an analogy, it’s like a playwright writes a complete and spontaneous play, saves the file, and puts it aside. But then someone sneaks a copy and produces the play in a grand production. Unnecessary from the playwright’s standpoint but desired by the sneak.

The reality is in the process of experience. There is no separate knower or objects.

How do we experience those threads within creation? As ourselves. A thread comes into the top of our head and down the spine, giving us chakras and life. What we experience is known by divinity directly. But it’s not spread over millennia – divinity knows it all simultaneously, effectively already.

Another way the thread is described in the Vedas – sutras. The threads that stitch together wholeness.

The grand mistake is when we confuse the appearance in consciousness with reality and identify with objects of experience that flit in and out of appearance. Divorced from divinity, we forget who we are and suffering arises.

Each of us are directly connected and made of pure divinity. Much of what we experience is a pale shadow of that. But the essence of everything we know is part of divine totality. We are never separate from that.

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  1. Gayanee

    This is not confusing at all. Very clear!
    “Self-aware consciousness has the effect of weaving a tapestry out of those threads of divinity, creating the appearance of creation. Uncreated, yet here.”

    This reminds me of the visual and what could be called the first ‘flashy visual’ revelation that happened here.
    Also the new Xmen movie had a cool scene with a similar visual with light threads connecting through humans heads. Not necessarily a trapestry but I still got a tickle watching that.
    Thanks Davidya!

  2. 🙂
    Yeah, I’m sometimes surprised at the stuff that shows up in popular films. Hints of reality in the story or special effects.

    Sometimes it’s because they’re using a story to reveal deeper perceived truths but sometimes it’s the imagination drawing on unknown reality.

  3. Jim

    Great post. Yes so by each of us acting intentionally as a thread of divinity, once consciousness has been traversed [aka Brahman], each thought of ours functions as the singular mantra once did, earning maximum power by virtue of its expression point, firmly rooted where nothing ever happens. This occurs over time with a mantra, giving us a taste of Brahman, the expression of a gradual brightening, inside and out.

    Yet now, the maximum power of every thought is instantaneous, further reducing the necessity for expending a lot of thought energy. Fewer turns of the wheel steering such an immense vessel, an entire creation, all layers, reaching to the limits of our ever increasing and refining awareness. Naturally expanding, vs. expending.

    As a result of this awareness, taking on action in every area of life becomes easier, we have boundless energy to do anything we choose. And so much is done automatically, as Maharishi Mahesh Yogi said, “Do less and accomplish more”, and, “Do nothing and accomplish everything”. Words to live by. 🙂

  4. Jim

    Thank you. Yes, so this much vaunted awakening to the Self, while a critical first step, is just that, a first step, with relatively few gifts of enlightenment along for the ride initially.

    A key distinction, because there is a long way to travel before the literature and scripture regarding enlightenment comes fully active in our lives, the realization of the grandest and deepest hopes we didn’t know we had, or were dimly glimpsed.

    I mention this not to discourage or throw up boundaries, rather to sort out the path a bit. Even when we are going through the transcendental states of consciousness, transcendental, cosmic, god, and unity, there can be a tendency to feel as if the journey is complete, locked into a fuller expression of the Self.

    Compared to rank ignorance, a permanent turning in the direction of the Self is immense, and life changing, and always cause for celebration. But it is also just getting started, and there is so much more to be gained by patiently going through the process of continuously dropping away, while gaining all of the knowledge and experience necessary to live totality; Brahman.

    Then and only then do miracles become commonplace and just like children gazing heavenward, do all of our dreams come true. Worth the wait. 🙂

    1. Hi Jim
      Yes, I’ve joked about how it’s like starting back in kindergarten several times along the way.

      I’m not sure I’d reserve all dreams for Brahman. There can certainly be treasures prior – varies by the path and the desires. But yes, I agree with the point. It’s the Supreme awakening that brings the supreme.

      Ran into something yesterday from jyotish that suggested 12 years is the normal cycle for the awakening to complete. In that context, that would be a complete cycle of Jupiter.

  5. Jim

    Thanks for that clarification – Yes, we shouldn’t just be standing around, waiting. Interesting about Jupiter and such a cycle. The timeframe of 12 years sounds about right, which is always fascinating to me, when these cycles or experiences in reality conform to ancient texts.

    1. Right – and to concrete physical things. This is always about a human experience of unfolding a higher relationship with reality. Bringing totality into this form. (aka discovering it’s always been here)

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