The Subconscious


  1. Guru

    Hello, what happens after we are conscious of subconscious? is there super conscious? Is it cosmic consciousness? or after unlearning what we wrongly learnt, we are taken to super conscious? kindly clear these things. thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Guru
      Subconscious is close to conscious. When it becomes conscious through refined perception, purification, or an experience it is simply conscious. If it remains available, we could say our conscious container expanded.
      And yet at the same time, our conscious attention is often focused on something. During that time, we might say our breathing, digestion, and chakras are subconscious. But that shifts as we shift our attention.
      So there is what is in our broad conscious range and what is in our attention.
      Unconscious might be seen as not close to conscious or automated functions, like our heartbeat. However, it’s all in consciousness so can all be made conscious if we want.
      That said, there are some things that are a lot more subtle than others. Ancestral patterns are more subtle than emotions, for example.
      I don’t use the term “super-conscious” but it’s similar to how I use the term group consciousness or the collective.
      Cosmic consciousness is a broad reference to universal consciousness. It is also a term used for Self Realization when we recognize we are that universal consciousness.

    2. Note that learning is a function of the mind. Changing what we know doesn’t expand consciousness, it expands the mind.
      Good understand is useful but we shouldn’t confuse knowing with “being conscious.”

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