Security of Person

Security of Person

One of the deep changes that arises with awakening is a profound sense of security. While we’ve typically experienced the rest of our life as somewhat fraught and difficult, when we discover our true nature under the stories of the mind and drama of emotions, we find something that is boundless, unchanging, and eternal. And that is who we are.

In the Bhagavad Gita or Song of God, Krishna explains:
He is never born, nor does he ever die;
nor once having been, does he cease to be.
Unborn, eternal, everlasting, ancient,
he is not slain when the body is slain.

Weapons cannot cleave him, nor fire burn him;
water cannot wet him, nor wind dry him away.

The awake recognize themselves as beyond all phenomenon, then as underlying all these. The story unfolds on a battlefield as an epic confrontation of highly skilled warriors is about to begin. There, in the middle of it all, Krishna tells Prince Arjuna the truth of life and awakens him. It’s a remarkable story, even thousands of years later. As the line above says “nor once having been, does he cease to be.” It is an eternal story.

The truth of that is illustrated by the Yoga Vasishtha which also mentions the story of Arjuna, thousands of years before the event.

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