Meeting What You Need

Meeting What You Need

I’ve spoken here a number of times about the importance of allowing, of letting ‘what is’ be there, of letting emotions arise and complete. When we resist the flow of energy, we don’t see what is, our feelings and intuition get blocked and it consumes a lot of our energy. We find ourselves “in our heads” or in a drama of reactivity.

When we allow life to be as it is, we move into the flow and find life full of little miracles. We heal our old wounds. Allowing or surrender is also the key to spiritual awakening or enlightenment. This is a natural state that cannot be reached by force or resistance.

Allowing does not mean we should be passive or should not act. Only that we should learn to act in tune with the flow of nature rather than against it. Capturing the wind with our sails is much easier than paddling upstream.

Recently, I attended another of Nancy Shipley-Rubin’s workshops. This one was themed Creating Intentions that Work.

We again explored the experience of being energetically/emotionally open & closed and how closed would amplify conflict with others while open would diffuse it. Also the difference between a healthy (open) no and an unhealthy (closed) no. These are basic skills for life that surprisingly few people know. And yet how we hold our energy has a profound effect on our experience of life and relationships. Because our energy system is distinct from the mind, the mind is often the last one to recognize these dynamics. It requires new skills.

In this workshop, she added something more to the allowing I mention above. Allowing lets us release old emotional traumas and let go of our resistance to recognizing how we feel. Once we have a sense of how we’re feeling, it begins to open us to our power to create.

Often our will, which serves as a protector, creates a barrier between our upper energy centres and our lower ones. Between our love, intuition, & imagination and our vitality & ability to manifest. Many people live in their heads or in ungrounded spirituality. They’re out of touch with how they feel and thus their creative power. Or, they’re caught in an emotional drama of internal conflict that has no ending.

With allowing, many emotions will complete & dissolve. But some will keep coming back as they’re expressing an unmet need. This requires taking it to the next level.

Nancy asks us to notice what we’re feeling. Give the feeling a name. Ask what need the feeling calls for. Intend the feeling from the 6th (not the mind; make it simple and clean like “safe” or “happy”). This instantly creates the field to meet the need. As mentioned above, mind may be the last to recognize the effect though.

Notice how simple it is. The most powerful techniques often are. The results can be immediate.

To put this another way, most of our emotional needs can be met internally. This unencumbers relationships burdened by expecting others to meet our needs. It also illustrates the habit of seeking outside of ourselves. With this process working, we can meet not just our emotional needs but most needs by directly manifesting our intentions.

The trick is, we first need to do some allowing to clear the deck enough so we can sit comfortably with how we feel. It also helps a lot to have a spiritual practice that grounds us in something deeper and supports allowing. If we find we’re making a lot of story & explanations & objections or processing/ churning, that’s the mind – probably trying to control it. Come back to open allowing.

If it’s not working, we either need to clear a little more or there is a lack of congruence between the upper intention and the lower feeling/instinctive body. The feelings don’t believe it or the protector at the 3rd is acting as a barrier – the mind isn’t accepting it and we don’t feel safe. But we can intend safety too.

This is where an experiential workshop is very useful. A good teacher can guide us into correct experience and past the pitfalls of the mind second-guessing and feelings playing their hiding dance.

Being dissonant between our intentions and feelings creates fear. But curiously, it’s the protector that is creating this fear, not the vital (emotional) body. This fear is a little more subtle and unconscious. It responds with force or with uncertainty: that’s a key to recognize. If you’re trying to force this in any way, it’s not going to work. We have to start from open allowing. Perhaps unexpectedly, therein lies our power.

The lower fields are what power our lives so developing internal congruence can be very beneficial. But we’re typically driven by old habits and automatic responses. Most of us walk around closed, wondering why the world is so grumpy. To make this work, we have to be congruent and the intention grounded.

Of course, there was much more. Nancy gives rich, experiential workshops to help you learn this stuff.

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