Question Affirmations

Question Affirmations

During Nancy’s workshop, she made an interesting suggestion. She suggested you frame affirmations as a question, placing the future in the present.

For example, “What will I need to accomplish X?” The question assumes it will be done. It asks not If but How. You’re asking what you need to do from your side to help make it happen. This combines both the intention and the acting steps.

Affirmation is closely related to intention and attention, 2 subjects big on this site. They are fundamental principles of the way the world works. If we can tie into that, we can be quite a bit more effective.

Of course, as with any affirmation, it won’t work unless you can accept it as possible. You may want to start with small believable things and build up.

I’ve not played with it much myself yet but thought it worth sharing.
Have fun!

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