Empty is OK

Empty is OK

Nancy’s talk brought up a key point:
People often fear what they don’t understand. In our culture, we’re taught to fear empty space. Children often have an experience of that expansive openness. But when not fully appreciated, it can feel like being dark and empty inside. I don’t mean emotionally empty, just big, open and without content.

What is that emptiness? It is space itself, it is consciousness aware of itself. It is the first expression of our fundamental nature. It is natural to us and closely connected to who we are.

In fearing this unknown, we come to fear who we are and avoid it. It takes a little more clarity before we can recognize that that nothing is everything and to see the fullness in emptiness. Until then, know that spacious emptiness is a happy place; it is the home of bliss. It just takes a little more openness so we can mirror this nature. Then this too is our experience.

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