Non-Dual Confusion

Non-Dual Confusion

There are some pernicious ideas that arise out of non-dual thought, like dualistic denialism. “There is no one here to be angry”, etc. It can be very difficult to discuss anything with someone in that space as they can conveniently discount any point you raise as another concept.

This little animation exemplifies the kind of conversation you can end up in:

I’ve seen this arise in a couple of ways:
– as a conceptual construct, a concept of no concept, arising out of inquiry used as intellectual deconstruction. Essentially they make a mood of being detached and non-involved. This of course has nothing to do with enlightenment as it’s just another denial.
– for some after Self Realization (CC), there can be a “dry” period where one is free and uninvolved but the bliss and richness have not opened out. The detachment can come to dominate if this is cultured, leading to a  dualistic denial of everything as illusion. There also can be a period where mind tries to arise again. Some get into an internal battle against mind, perpetuating it by denial.

Neither of these experiences is non-dualism. Non-dualism is oneness, inclusive of everything. Internal unity is not wholeness of unity. The world is not separate or denied, though there are certainly people espousing this.

For most people, true non-dualism arises from a sequence of merging all aspects of experience into wholeness. All layers of perception, memory, all values of sense of self, and so forth. Awakening to the Self is the first step of that, revealing who we are within. But all must be merged for us to recognize the totality of oneness in non-duality.

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  2. Daisy

    Wow David, this little video really hit home. It sums all of the frustration I have been feeling over past several years since my involvement with a non dual meditation community.
    No wonder I was getting more lost and confused. So grateful to have stumbled across Rose Rosetree and your blog! Thank you!

  3. Hi Daisy
    Right. Have had a recent conversation just like this myself. Its a rather pernicious denialism that is often just a mental construct that has nothing to do with awakening, let alone actual non-dualism.

    World as illusion is a temporary possible effect of development. It is not a goal or end in itself. It is a truth of a stage, not The truth.

    Of course, they know the references to quote, etc. like a fundamentalism.

    Another issue to note is that the favoured teachers both woke spontaneously outside of any tradition. The teaching is clean and simple but they don’t actually understand how it happened. Like Tolle, they teach ways to culture what is already present rather than how to culture presence itself.

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