Rise Up in Song

Rise Up in Song

Sometimes, you hear a great song sung well. Occasionally, you may hear such a song sung with such feeling that it moves you. And then there are those moments in life where you are astonished. Where a song brings you face to face with the divine.

On Sunday, I heard a singer who not only sung from the heart, but sung from the heart of spirit. The effect on the audience was immediate and profound. Many were deeply moved, bringing tears of joy even to men (that would admit it).

Needless to say, Denise Hagan got a standing ovation. Speaking to people afterward, many said they’d never been so moved by a singer in their life.

Clearly, she knows the effect she has on people. The words in one song tell us she was asked by a “genius” to sing her song. She gives workshops where music is used to “reach into your soul and awaken your heart”. James Twyman invited her to sing in Portland.

A CD cannot hold the same energy as in person, but it reminds me of the experience again. Perhaps it will be enough to strike a chord in you…


Happily, they’re arranging for her to come and sing for us again.

I look forward to seeing her star ascend.

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